Music: Eluveitie

Catoues caletoi
Urit namantas anrimius
Ro- te isarnilin -urextont,
Au glannabi rhenus
Ad ardus alpon,
Tou' magisa matua
Tou' brigas iuerilonas...
Slania's Song

Eluveitie are a Swiss Folk Metal band. Eluveitie blends elements of Melodic Death Metal with Celtic folk music, all with a pagan theme. As far as folk metal bands go, they are a fairly well known and well established act, having released 6 full length studio albums since 2006. One of them, Slania (2008) charted in Switzerland and Germany.

  • Spirit (2006)
  • Slania (2008)
  • Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion (2009)
  • Everything Remains (As It Never Was) (2010)
  • Helvetios (2012)
  • Origins (2014)

Eluveitie has examples of: