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Music: Electric Wizard
Electric Wizard is a British Doom Metal/Stoner Metal band formed in 1993. Their style is slow, heavy and fuzzy, with lyrics typically involving marijuana, the occult, witchcraft, HP Lovecraft and horror films. They are generally considered one of the major bands of the stoner metal subgenre, though they also have sludge metal traits in their more aggressive material (such as Dopethrone).

Initially, the band was a power trio consisting of vocalist/guitarist Jus Oborn, bassist Tim Bagshaw and drummer Mark Greening; in 2003, the latter two members left the band, leaving Oborn to recruit a new lineup, which included his wife, Liz Buckingham, as second guitarist.

Current lineup:
  • Jus Oborn - vocals, guitar
  • Liz Buckingham - guitar
  • Clayton Burgess - bass
  • Shaun Rutter - drums

Past members:
  • Rob Al-Issa bass
  • Tim Bagshaw bass
  • Tasos "Tas" Danazoglou - bass
  • Mark Greening drums
  • Justin Greaves drums

Studio albums:
  • Electric Wizard, 1995
  • Come My Fanatics..., 1997
  • Dopethrone, 2000
  • Let Us Prey, 2002
  • We Live, 2004
  • Witchcult Today, 2007
  • Black Masses, 2010

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alternative title(s): Electric Wizard
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