Reviews: Electric Wizard

Interdimension Travel Metal

Oh boy. Where do I start with this band? These guys are...hard to explain. 99% of this is because of their sound. It's gonna turn alot of people off - in fact, most people who have stumbled across this band probably dislike them. The music of Electric Wizard is slow, fuzzy, and HEAVY AS SHRAPNEL. In fact, Electric Wizard have been candidates for the "Heaviest Band in the Universe" according to some fans and critics. The lyrics fit the music perfectly, almost always mentioning occult, marijuana, and medieval mythology. Most of the bands songs go over the 8 minute mark, which make them even more likeable for me as I love Epic Rocking. Most fans of Electric Wizard hype their music up by smoking weed. I enjoy the music nonetheless. EW is it's own trip - their unique sound mixed with spacey passages (See "We Live") are enough to make you truly feel the music - therefore, EW's music is not music you listen to, but rather experience. My three favorite songs of the band are "I, The Witchfinder", "Funeralopolis", and "The Nightchild", all which are to leave any respective metal fan head banging. The first one, "I, The Witchfinder" is off of their album "Dopethrone" (which is highly regarded as Electric Wizard's best). The song is incredibly slow and grueling at all moments, and is merely one or two riffs looping for incredibly long and hopeless guitar sections. The vocals are tortured, which fits the dark concept of the lyrics which can bring out the animal instinct in anyone. The interdimensional travel part comes at the last 5 minutes, in which there is a guitar solo difficult to hear but incredibly rewarding. The second, "Funeralopolis", also from "Dopethrone", is one of the bands more popular songs. It's starts with a jazzy solo before getting heavy. At the climax, Oborn continuesly shouts the chorus, each which get louder and louder until it escalates into screaming and then the song ends, just like that. "The Nightchild" is perhaps the simplist. It opens with some creepy noises and in comes the candidate for greatest riff in history. The song is incredibly simple but incredibly fun to listen to despite the tempo. Listen to these guys, definetely. Listen to them if you like slow, heavy fuzz metal, or even heavy thrash. You might be surprised. Definetely a candidate for my favorite band.