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Manga: Fairy Tail

"In a land far, far away lies the kingdom of Fiore, a small, peaceful nation of seventeen million, and a place filled with magic. Found in every home, bought and sold in every marketplace, for most, magic is merely a tool, a mundane part of everyday life. For some, however, magic is an art, and they have devoted their lives to its practice. These are the wizards. Banded together into magical guilds, they apply their skills in search of fame and fortune. Many such guilds dot the landscape of Fiore, but there is a certain guild in a certain town that soars high above the rest, one from which countless legends have been born. A guild that will no doubt continue to create legends well into the future. Its name... is Fairy Tail."

This is the tale of Lucy Heartfilia, a seventeen-year-old girl seeking to become a full-fledged wizard (or mage, if you'd prefer, though it's officially translated as "wizard"). In a magic world ruled by guilds, becoming a full wizard requires you to join one. When Lucy meets a boy named Natsu Dragneel, who also happens to be the well-known wizard Salamander, he invites her to join one of the most notorious wizard guilds—Fairy Tail—which she accepts. Their adventures continue as they do missions for the guild, struggle with problems from the past, fight world-threatening villains and learn The Power of Friendship.

A manga by Hiro Mashima, the man behind Rave Master, consisting so far of fourteen story arcs, proving itself among the more successful long-running shonens. Its art style and themes are very similar to One Piece.

Fairy Tail was adapted into an anime, and is licensed by Funimation. However, the show was put on hiatus in March 2013, totaling 175 episodes (not including OVA episodes). Hiro Mashima confirmed that the anime would continue as soon as more volumes were completed, and in the meantime, reruns continued under the title Fairy Tail Best. The anime was then relaunched in April 2014 with a new animation studio and director. The anime is also currently one of the most requested shows for Toonami on [adult swim].

Licensed episodes are available to watch on Hulu and on Youtube. A movie was released in the Summer of 2012. Natsu, Lucy and friends appear in the Massive Multiplayer Crossover game, Sunday VS Magazine Shuuketsu Choujou Daikessen. Also has a podcast here and a wiki here.

Not to be confused with the Fairy Tale genre (by the way, Word of God has stated since the beginning that the spelling of the name is intentional).

For the sake of keeping people from getting confused, please refer to the official English spellings for all character names.

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Also see the Recap page. As well the movie's page: Fairy Tail The Movie Phoenix Priestess.

Two spin-off series have been made. Fairy Tail Zero is an Origin Story featuring Mavis Vermillion as the main character, and Fairy Tail Ice Trail chronicles Gray Fullbuster's life between Ur's death and him finding a new home in Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail is one of the most requested shows for Toonami on [adult swim].

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