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Wedlock Block
"Never shall the younger be wed before the older ones!"

A couple or several couples are ready to get married, but they're not allowed to (probably because someone's parents won't allow) because someone else's nuptials (usually an older sister's) have to take place first. This can cause delightful complication if a lesser priority couple needs to Altar the Speed. Settle for Sibling is often the result of this.

Compare Unable To Support A Wife.


Fairy Tales

  • One of The Brady Bunch movies has the parents reluctant to officially approve Jan's marriage plans because Marcia is single. Marcia explains this problem to a random male stranger she meets...resulting in a Fourth Date Double Marriage with Jan and her beau.
  • Cristabel, the "hottie" in The Hottie & the Nottie, self-imposes this trope: She won't even think about having a relationship until her best friend, the hideously ugly June Phigg, has a boyfriend.

  • Found frequently throughout the works of Jane Austen. Though it is not required, it is considered highly improper if the daughters do not marry in order of their birth - the only time it's acceptable is if the older sister slips into the category of "Old Maid" around age twenty-three. Furthermore, it's considered unusual (as in Pride and Prejudice) to have the youngest daughter (of five) "out" (accepted as grown-up and eligible for marriage) before the eldest is married.
  • Features in Like Water for Chocolate: Tita is not allowed to marry because the youngest must look after her mother.
  • A variation in A Brother's Price. This is a world where men are so rare that they marry every sister in a family, sisters who themselves are descended from several different women. After the disastrous marriage to Keifer, the Queens tell their eldest surviving daughter, who is very much in love, that the princesses can only marry the boy if all of her living of-age sisters agree to marry him. Since one has been missing for months and another is too put off by Keifer to consider it, Ren has a hard time of it.
  • In Thorn In My Heart, Logan initially opposes Jamie's desire to marry Logan's daughter Rose, asserting that Leona, as the elder sister, should be married first.



Truth in Television
  • As a matter of basic thoughtfulness, if you and your fiance get engaged around the same time as close mutual friends or relatives, someone will almost certainly have to wait, unless they agree to go for a double wedding option. This is not only to avoid Claire and Dan upstaging Alice and Bob, but also because of the expense the mutual friends and family would have regarding wedding gifts, bridesmaid dresses, etc.

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