Parodied Trope

Sometimes it's just fun to make fun of a trope. It's fun to screw around with it or find the humor in those tropes. Thus we have the Parodied Trope.

Writers can even spoof their own tropes as a form of Self-Deprecation.

Sometimes this comes in the form of an Exaggerated Trope, or even a Downplayed Trope. Sometimes it overlaps with Zig-Zagging Trope, Inverted Trope, Averted Trope, or Subverted Trope (if the context makes it clear the aversion or subversion is a joke). If the trope is called on by the author, but still used, it's a Lampshade Hanging.

Compare other kinds of Playing with a Trope, Satire/Parody/Pastiche, Parody, Played for Laughs, Spoof Aesop.

Not to be confused with Parody Tropes (a list of tropes that are parodies themselves).

Tropes that are direct parodies of other tropes.

Parodies go on the left, original tropes on right


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     Comic Books  

  • About anything and everything that's referenced in and is not part of Deadpool's main, or more serious story arcs. A notable thing is that Deadpool not only spoofs and parodies every single comic book trope and cliche known to mankind, but anything that's pop-culture relevant, including pop culture itself is jabbed at.




  • Every Discworld novel ever written parodies a common fantasy trope or six.

     Live-Action TV  


     Video Games  

  • Total Overdose parodies the Hyperspace Arsenal in the opening scene, as Ram carries every single gun in the game in his arms, and a stick of dynamite in his mouth.
  • The online roleplaying game Champions Online includes a parody of the iconic Obama poster which reads "Trope"


     Web Original  

     Western Animation  

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