Literature / Fiasco

Fiasco is one of the later novels by Stanisław Lem, and yet another concerning the issues of First Contact. It is also the last time when we meet Pirx the Pilot.

The story initially follows Parvis, a young pilot on the Saturn's moon Titan. In spite of multiple warnings against doing that, he ventures in his walker into the dangerous region of methane geysers to look for people who went missing there, among them famous veteran pilot Pirx. He fails, and is forced to use the emergency procedure of vitrification.

Many years later, a huge starship is sent to a distant system to carry out a historical mission: to contact an alien civilisation which was discovered there. During the launch preparations, the fatal geyser region of Titan is cleared, and bodies of those lost are uncovered. Only one person, however, can be brought back to life; his identity can be narrowed to no more than "either Pirx or Parvis". Regardless of who he is, the resurrected man joins the crew and plays a crucial role in the mission.

This title contains the following tropes: