Literature / A Girl Who Brought Down the World

Christian Weston Chandler, creator of the webcomic Sonichu, has a significant hatedom, and you'll rarely meet somebody who is trying to help him or change his behavior. One of those rare people is Vivian Gee, who was trying to help Chris for a very long time... before giving up. note  One of her attempts to make him realize how bad and harmful his behavior is was writing a micro-novel and giving it to him. A Girl Who Brought Down the World was that novel.

The story focuses on Kid and her older sister, Vivian, as well as other people living in a world ruled by Psychopathic Man Child Christopher Winnfield Vega. Almost all the cast is made from poorly-masked copies of people who somehow get in a conflict with Chris.

You can read it on the author's DeviantArt account. Compare with Asperchu.

Please remember this is a page only about said webnovel. Anything involving CWC and horrible things he did, that isn't necessary to understand context behind story's plot points, doesn't belong here and will be deleted.

This story provides examples of:

  • Almighty Janitor / Man Behind the Man: Hendrix.
  • Ancient Conspiracy: A not-exactly-ancient conspiracy made by China — they made the United States weak using inside agents, and then made Chris president to watch how he destroys the world.
  • Bad Santa: Vivi tells Kid that Christopher is one because she thinks she's too young to know the truth.
  • Big Bad: Christopher.
  • Bottomless Magazines: Lampshaded with the EZ Gun.
    "My god, that gun is amazing!" exclaims the principal, "You didn't even have to reload!"
    "It's just that easy," boasts Mays.
  • The Caligula: Christopher
  • Captain Ersatz: As the story involves multiple Ersatzes of people who somehow wronged Chris Chandler, we'll just list the most important ones with one-sentence descriptions of the originals in order to make story's context clear.
    • Christopher Winnfield Vega — Christian Weston Chandler, creator of Sonichu.
    • Melanie — Megan Schroeder, a close friend of Chris before his actions drove her away
    • Unnamed magician — Wes Iseli, a man Chris was jealous of a long time ago.
    • Eva G. Warren — Mary Lee Walsh, a member of staff at Chris' college who was written into Sonichu as a villain after Chris suspected her of conspiring against him.
    • Jones Brimley — Cole Smithy, Chris' half-brother.
    • Clyde — Clyde Cash, who attempted to help Chris before becoming his most active troll.
    • Hendrix — trolls' Hive Mind.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Kid has shades of it. Of course, she's just...well, a kid.
    • And Vega, who makes his characters part of his gabinet... and in a scene are revealed to be merely drawings.
  • Cosmic Retcon: After Chris destroyed the world, God remade the timeline to one where he never rises to power and ends up dying in a mental institution.
  • Deconstruction: Of Sonichu. Just like Chris's comics, it happens in a world where he can do everything, but mercilessly shows how bad it would be.
  • Digital Piracy Is Evil: Why Vega nuked Taiwan.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Christopher nuked Taiwan for supporting piracy, South Korea for supporting Taiwan, and Poland for stealing jobs from Britain. He tried to nuke Brazil after their president called him on his behavior, but nuked Canada instead.
  • Dying Alone: Chris in the rewritten timeline.
  • For the Evulz: Hendrix and his organization's main motivation.
  • Happily Married: Vivian and Clyde in the rewritten timeline. This is a little disturbing when you realize that their "public" counterparts are cousins, and that both are in Real Life separate characters played by the same troll.
  • Hurricane of Euphemisms: Lampshaded.
    "You just do it for the hanky-panky, the horizontal tango, hitting the hay, the wango tango, the bonus round of love, rocking the room, tasting the heavens, you know."
    "Jesus, Christopher. You really have no experience at all with any type of relationship with any woman, do you? I mean, no one uses those euphemisms, I haven’t even heard of half of those."
  • Jerkass God: God himself, who created Christopher as a drunken joke. Even so, it was nice of him to rewrite the timeline so none of this ever happened.
  • Logic Bomb: When Chris is trying to have sex with Vivian, she agrees, but only if it will be a threesome with another man. This gets the deeply homophobic Vega so confused, he leaves the room.
  • Lonely Funeral: Chris's, in the rewritten timeline. Nobody attends it.
  • Noodle Incident: If you don't know much about Chris, Melanie's reason for leaving Vega counts as this.
  • Poisonous Friend: Hendrix, to Christopher.
  • Power Fantasy: During a fight between Chris and the magician, the former starts imagining how he overthrows the latter and expects him to accept his imagination as reality.
  • Psychopathic Man Child: Christopher Winnfield Vega.
  • Reset Button: God, after laughing a bit at all the mayhem, decides to press it and Set Right What Once Went Wrong.
  • Shout-Out: The character's name, Christopher Winnfield Vega, is based on character names Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega.
  • Take That!: Trolls are shown as a bunch of crazy, heartless psychopaths who want to watch the world burning at the hands of Chris and laugh.
    • Also averted: Chris's portrayal, while negative, is not malevolent... but rather a genuine effort to show him where he's wrong.
  • Troll Fic: Averted; Vivian didn't write it to piss Chris off, but with the intention of helping him become a better person.
  • You Are What You Hate: In addition to this story, Vivian's responsible for the Sonichu audio books (yes, they do exist). Vivian's YouTube and DeviantArt pages are frighteningly obsessive shrines devoted to the art and antics of Christian Weston Chandler, suggesting that Vivian may have a lot more in common with Chris than she'd like to admit.
    • It's pretty safe to say that Vivian Gee was a bit of a Stalker with a Crush towards Chris. Which is highly ironic, since he himself is infamous for his stalker-ish tendencies.
  • World Half Empty: This is a world where a man like Vega can become the president...and everything's ruled by internet trolls. Even God admitted this world was His failure.