Heartwarming / Whose Line Is It Anyway?

UK version

  • One session of Party Quirks in the UK version had part-time performer Jim Meskimen as a "reminiscing old man"—even after he'd been guessed out, he took a little time to address Clive without breaking character. Maybe it was a jab at Clive's advanced hairline, but for all intents and purposes it worked.
  • As many on YouTube have noted, the handshake that Ryan and Colin do at the start of their first game together is pretty Heartwarming in Hindsight. It's like they're wishing each other good luck, and it's a fitting start to their partnership on Whose Line.

US version

  • The joy that covers Wayne Brady's face at the sight of Laura Hall is extremely touching. You can tell that she is a joy to Drew, as well.
  • In the US version, the infamous "heavily pregnant Colin at the amusement park" session of Sound Effects ended with Drew tossing US$100 bills at Colin and Ryan—who agreed that the two ladies providing the sounds were the ones who'd earned that money, and got up to hand the dollar bills to them.
    • During another segment of Drew giving out $100 bills, Ryan catches one, then gets up and places the bill on the band's keyboard.
  • The Foreign Film Dub session with special guest Sid Caesar led to a few Show Stopper moments, not the least of which was Sid himself giving a symbolic nod to Colin's "garlic press" line, acknowledging the resident Pungeon Master.
    • The standing ovation when he came out for his guest appearance lasted so long that it had to be cut down for broadcast.
  • Ryan's contribution to the Colin Hoedown, and Colin hugging him afterwards.
  • In a session of Whose Line, depicting "a Vietnamese woman bidding farewell to her GI boyfriend at the end of the war". Ryan decides to milk it a little by adding a Reveal of his own... and then one of the prewritten notes takes it to the next level.
  • On the US version's famous "Ice Hole" episode, Ryan and Colin start mocking each other even more brutally than normal during "Two Line Vocabulary."
    Colin: I'll tell you what you look like: a big stick with a big nose.
    Ryan: *running his fingers through Colin's sparse hair*
  • During one episode, a woman in the audience is wearing a shirt that reads "Wayne, please sing to me!" Drew does in fact select her from the audience during Duet for Wayne and Chip to sing to. About halfway through the song, Wayne starts to dance with her. The expression of absolute joy on her face through the entire thing is wonderful.
  • From the 100th episode's Scenes From A Hat: After 100 episodes of repeatedly making fun of Colin being bald, the scene drawn is "A brief glimpse into the dreams of Colin Mochrie." Greg does a bit of rubbing his hair, with Colin looking visibly upset at the umpteenth bald joke made at his expense (the studio audience even goes "awww" when Colin looks at them), and seeing this, Ryan's contribution is himself, Wayne, and Greg, all bald and screaming. Also counts as a Funny Moment.
  • Though not a straight example, the "Newsflash" session that started with the green screen showing the studio cam's current view instead of the archive footage intended, leading to Ryan and Chip reaching to the side to make gestures around Colin's head. It's so juvenile it's adorable.
  • In another playing of Newsflash, the green screen is showing clips of Ryan from previous episodes. Colin eventually figures it out as always, and when Drew asks him what he thinks is behind him, Colin's answer is a straight-laced "I think it's my good friend Ryan Stiles."
    • Colin and Ryan in general are just plain heartwarming, as the two have been friends and colleagues in improv for years. That's why they're so great together, because they know each other inside and out and can play against each other perfectly.
  • This game of Infomercial had Colin place a device in Ryan's mouth and prepare to turn a knob on the side. Suddenly Drew begins yelling in protest, recognizing the device as dangerous. Fortunately the one in question was empty.
    • Of course, this being Whose Line?, it quickly turns into a moment of funny as Ryan plays it off with the crack "Someone wants his own show!"
  • In one episode, Drew nearly choked on an Altoid mint, and slumped over his desk as he attempted to get it out. Wayne looked extremely concerned about him—he even called out "Drew, do you...?" Drew had suffered a heart attack some time earlier, which makes his concern for him even more heartwarming.
  • The look on Wayne's face when Lassie trots on-stage as a special guest Duet subject. He's like a little kid, it's adorable.
    • And Ryan in the back just melts. Ryan's noted to be a big dog lover in Real Life.
  • Ryan's performance as a lost toddler in a game of Weird Newscasters just makes you want to go "awww..."
  • During the Body Odor Hoedown Ryan experiences an Epic Fail and can't come up with a line. To give him a hand Drew comes up and stands behind Ryan and sings a second verse while Ryan lip-syncs it.
  • The Let's Make A Date outtake where Drew makes a slightly harsh crack at Greg. Greg seems (he's just acting, of course) genuinely put off by the comment ("Words can hurt!") until Drew apologizes, and they both hug and make up. In true Whose Line fashion.
  • A meta-moment before the show even started: executives didn't want Ryan and Colin to be on the show, thinking they were "too old" to appeal to a younger audience. Drew put his foot down and refused to do the show if they weren't involved. Of course, this paid off immensely, as the wealth of examples on all these Whose Line pages can prove.
  • In one "Party Quirks," Ryan's quirk was that he was excited by ugliness. During the scene, he was all flustered by Drew. After the game, Drew said in a mock dejected manner: "A thousand points, that's all I'm good for is giving points." Ryan responded: "Hey, buddy..." and defiantly ripped up the card which contained that suggestion.
    Colin: Hey, that's mine!
  • When a playing of "Superheroes" began, Drew genuinely complimented Colin:
    Drew: One of my favorite guys in the whole wide world, Colin Mochrie, is gonna start this. (Audience cheers/applauds; Colin smiles) Never met a nicer man.
  • One duet had Wayne and Chip singing to an old woman named Phyllis in the style of The Bee Gees. After the song concluded, Phyllis was heard to tell Drew, Wayne, and Chip, "I just loved it" and variants thereof. It's not often the audience members directly tell the performers that, so it's a sweet moment.
    Drew: I have the best job in the world.
  • In "Weird Newscasters," after Ryan essentially called Drew lower on the evolutionary scale than a caveman and an ape, Drew called Ryan a freak multiple times in retaliation. After "Narrate":
    Drew: (mopey) A thousand points, everybody. Ten thousand points to Ryan, I'm sorry I called you a freak.
    Ryan: (makes ape noises)
    Drew: You're not a freak, you're my friend. I shouldn't have called you a freak on national TV.
    Ryan: ...And??
    Drew: ...I love you.
    Ryan: All right, good enough.
    Wayne: "A very special Whose Line Is It Anyway?"
    Drew: I did, I felt bad during the whole show—the whole scene.
  • An example of "it was heartwarming at the time" (since Wayne is divorced): In one "Scenes From a Hat" one of the scenes is "What your wife is saying right now." Instead of making a joke, Wayne came out and said, "I love my husband, Wayne Brady." The audience "awwww"s.
  • In this classic "Song Styles" segment, Wayne sang to Samantha, an aerobics instructor, in the style of Riverdance (Irish step-dancing). Wayne was suitably impressed to find out that Samantha actually could step-dance, and he gave her a standing ovation afterwards.
    Drew: Some days, you just love comin' to work.
  • It's a small moment, but during Josie's lone US taping, she makes a little crack at Colin after a Let's Make A Date playing, to oohs from the audience. To which Josie responds "Ah, shucks! He knows I love 'im!"
  • It's not a blatant heartwarming moment, but in the episode where Chip jumps on Ryan's back, the group only does one more style in "Hollywood Director" before Drew ends the game. When Drew buzzes, he has a concerned look, which proves that despite the two's teasing each other, he does care for Ryan's well-being. Chip also seriously asks Ryan, "Are you all right?" on the way back to their chairs.
  • In the "Scenes From a Hat" suggestion "Difficult questions for mommy to answer", both Wayne and Colin ask, "Mommy, how come no one looks like me on Friends?" Before the next suggestion is read:
    Drew: Yes, if you were paying attention, I said difficult questions. (sympathy noises from audience) There's nobody bald... all right.
    Colin: I'm adorable. (audience applause)
    Drew: Yes, you are.
    Ryan: You looked better before you lost your erection.
  • While Kathy isn't the best at guessing games, she was doing pretty well in the episode where Ryan breaks the neon light on Drew's desk with his head. After he does, she seems more distracted at making sure he's okay than trying to guess who he is.
  • Doubling with Funny Moments: In "Duet", Tina, the woman who was on vacation from Canada, was given a hug by Colin (who wasn't even playing the game).

US Revival

  • Aisha. Look at how enthusiastic she is about hosting this show. She's into the games, she loves Hoedown - Aisha hasn't replaced Drew; she has succeeded him. If the two haven't already met, Aisha would totally gush.
  • From the revival: during a game of "Let's Make a Date", Wayne plays a Hell's Angel who terrorizes the town alongside his gang. When he goes into the audience to pick people to play his "gang", he decides to choose a single person: a man in a wheelchair. The man has the biggest, happiest smile on his face throughout the entire skit, as he's clearly having the time of his life. Wayne even gives him a great big hug before sending him back to his seat.
  • After the negative publicity over Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson making homophobic statements, it's great to see Willie extending the olive branch by appearing on a show with a prodigious amount of Ho Yay, and laughing along with the gay jokes and everything.
  • On September 14, 2015, Colin praised Keegan Michael-Key on Facebook. Seeing a long-running Whose Line veteran like Colin give a shout out to one of the newcomers is quite heartwarming indeed.
    Colin (via Facebook): #WatchWLIIAtonight with the regulars and up-and-comer Keegan Michael-Key. This kid is going places.
  • In the Misty May-Treanor episode, Aisha picks out a couple in the audience to participate in "Moving People". After she explains the rules, the guy says that he has a question. He then takes out a ring, gets down on one knee, and proposes to his girlfriend on national television. Aisha (who was actually in on it the entire time) couldn't help but tear up.
  • Chip Esten's return in 2017. Everyone is delighted to see him and have him back. Chip also gives everyone a big hug.