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Drinking Game: Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Take a drink any time that...
  • Ryan gets up close and personal with the camera.
  • Ryan does his Carol Channing impression.
    • Two for the John Wayne impression.
    • Two if he isn't really doing it but someone else thinks he is.
  • Colin faints during a Hoedown.
  • Colin completely avoids coming up with a rhyme during one of the musical games.
  • A bald joke is made at Colin's expense.
  • Tony Slattery makes a drug reference.
  • Wayne starts a Hoedown/Song Styles/Duet with "Let me tell you something..." or any song with "Because..."
  • Wayne says something along the lines of, "Why do I gotta be the (insert black stereotype here)?"
  • Ryan makes a "Hairy/Scary + Drew Carey" rhyme or an equivalent thereof during the Hoedown.
  • Ryan complains about a Hoedown.
    • A whole 12-pack of beer if he gets to sit out a Hoedown as the winner.
  • Chip does a spot-on impression of Snagglepuss.
  • Wayne insults UPN.
    • Two drinks if that UPN folded after the show concluded.
  • Ryan writhes in fear over the thought of hearing a Michael Bolton song.
  • Someone mentions Drew's Porsche.
  • Someone mentions Drew's Altoids.
  • Clive/Drew/Aisha abuse their buzzing privileges.
  • A player in World's Worst gets buzzed out before he can start talking.
    • Two if it's Drew.
    • Or if a similar situation happens when a Drew Carey-related category comes up in Scenes from a Hat.
    • Take another if whoever buzzed the player out says something to the effect of "No, it's okay, go ahead."
  • Someone in Scenes from a Hat or World's Worst starts to step down but another player beats them to it.
    • Two if they never get to go, making you wonder what they were about to say.
  • Colin cracks up the audience and Drew with random, absurd humor.
  • Colin gets the last line of an Irish Drinking Song—and proceeds to twist it into something hilarious, ludicrous, and horribly wrong.
    • Drink again if all three of the other singers crack up. Finish an entire drink if the others are laughing so hard that Colin is singing the "hi-de-di"s all by himself.
    • Drink a six-pack if Colin cracks up himself—it's rare and friggin' funny.
  • Drew or Aisha picks two ditzy, utterly clueless women to play "Sound Effects" at their own expense and for sick entertainment. Another sip each time Ryan and Colin try to come up with things to say for the terrible sound effects they attempt to make, yet fail hideously at it.
    • Two drinks if the audience members are good at it.
    • Three if Drew bursts into raucous laughter during the game.
  • Someone calls Drew fat. (NOTE: Present-day Drew is no longer fat)
  • Kathy Greenwood fails to do anything remotely funny and instead bombs her performances by being a stuttering, nervous wreck.
    • Two if she plays shower or cracks a real funny.
  • Ryan is reduced to giggles during "Questions Only" because of Colin's ridiculously offbeat questions.
  • Colin makes a laugh-your-ass-off, blue collar pun at the start of "Greatest Hits" or during "Weird Newscasters."
  • Greg Proops snorts.
  • Colin gets Drew laughing like hell during "Newsflash."
  • Colin makes a poo joke, two if he makes the entire room bust a gut, and three if you realize that two drinks is a Stealth Pun for number two—a.k.a. poo.
  • Ryan and Drew exchange banter over their roles on The Drew Carey Show.
  • Someone mocks Ryan's nose or his shoes (two if they're his blue suedes).
  • Ryan mocks Prince Charles's elephant ears.
  • Drew suddenly throws out a "Scenes From A Hat" topic, which clues in the cast (and you) that it's no doubt focused on humiliating him.
    • Two if he sucks it up and reads the topic.
  • Wayne or Brad successfully and remarkably improv a whole song during "Greatest Hits."
    • Ryan makes an "X songs on Y CDs" joke, sold at an odd price.
    • Two if Colin gets Ryan to Corpse.
  • Someone tries to attack Drew during the "Weird Newscasters" skits.
  • Colin does a horrible foreign accent or bad impression.
  • Colin does a velociraptor dance.
    • Two if Greg imitates the raptor dance.
  • Wayne acts like a rowdy, gossiping black woman who uses ebonics.
  • Wayne does his epic Michael Jackson impression.
  • Show producers Dan Patterson and Mark Leveson are mentioned at the end of the show during the reading of the credits, thanks to their top billing. Get therapy if their names have been burned into your heads.
    • Three drinks followed by watching an episode of Cowboy Bebop or any anime that aired on Toonami if Steve Blum gets mentioned during the credits.
    • Ponder the meaning of life if you're watching an early rerun before reading the credits became a tradition—nah. Just take a sip of your drink.
  • Drew says the phrase "1000 points" or "1000 points to everybody."
    • Two if it gets imitated by the cast.
  • Aisha even remembers to give points at all. (in her defense, they don't matter)
  • Colin tries to rap during "Scene to Rap."
  • Drew can't contain his laughter during "Three-Headed Broadway Star."
    • Two if someone fails to follow the rules of "one word per head." That means you, Drew! And you, too, David Hasselhoff!!
  • A whole pack of beer if the Richard Simmons episode comes on.
  • One of the stuffed-shirt British producers of "Whose Line?" intervenes during a skit for going too blue, screwing up a skit in the outtakes, meaning they'll have to cut and edit over, or mentioning Hitler. (Look up the outtakes on Youtube to see more of the cast shenanigans at work—which are uncut.)
  • "Hoedown" gets botched and they have to start all over again, two if Ryan becomes noticeably pissed at having to endure more retakes. (Again: see the outtakes.)
  • Ryan forces Colin to get his hands dirty during "Helping Hands," two if he tries to eat something, three if he makes a complete and total mess out of the table props, and four if he completely fails at making a sandwich or pizza.
  • Someone makes fun of Madonna's armpit hair during "Props."
  • Someone misses a letter in "90-Second Alphabet" and it goes unnoticed—seriously, it did happen.
  • Ryan says "Xaviera Hollander" during 90-Second Alphabet.
  • The cast pulls a euphemism for swearing or innuendo during "Change Letter."
  • For that matter, someone pulls a bad euphemism during "If You Know What I Mean," confuses everyone, and then says, "No... you don't know what I mean." (Or another player responds, "No, I don't know what you mean.")
  • Someone does an impression of Regis Philbin or Drew mocks Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.
    • Two if they play their own imitation, "The Millionaire Show."
  • Four drinks and a hearty cheer if they play the game "Whose Line."
  • Colin makes a "crap" pun during "Hollywood Director."
  • During "Hats," Ryan makes a creepy mask look like it has a kissyface by sucking it inward and blowing it outward with his mouth.
  • Colin, Ryan, or Wayne's roles on "Let's Make A Date" overlap so that one cast mate is unaware that another cast mate is going to do something to them and/or imitate them.
  • Colin or Ryan is baffled by a prop during "Infomercial" and proceeds to toss it aside without a word as if nothing happened and let the awkward moment pass.
    • Two if they refuse to pass up comedy gold and attempt to make sense of how it would help you with whatever they're trying to advertise.
  • One sip each time Colin and Ryan have trouble coming up with things to say during "Improbable Mission"; finish your drink and start a fresh one if they end up making the audience and/or Drew/Wayne and the guest celebrity crack up.
  • Someone in the audience has the balls to shout "PORNO!" as a suggestion during "Film, TV & Theatre Styles". Finish another drink if you laughed just now.
    • Two if Drew goes through with allowing "Porno" during the game.
  • Colin says, "Pikachu!"
  • Colin gets called "Captain Hair."
  • Someone says, "Sorry I'm late!" or, "Thank God you're here!" during "Superheroes."
  • Brad Sherwood does a terrible voice impression of a girl.
  • Drew or an audience member corpses during "Dead Bodies," two if you catch the Incredibly Lame Pun.
  • Drew can't stop laughing after a skit.
  • Clive obnoxiously buzzes in and interrupts Colin or Ryan.
  • Celebrate with a 12-pack if you hear, "OH, FUCK OFF, CLIVE!!!"
  • You watch the UK Whose Line? and are stunned by how different the cast of the American version looked in their younger days.
    • Drink a sympathetic beer and mail a bottle of hair tonic or Rogaine to Colin Mochrie if you notice how much hair he had back when he debuted on the UK show as opposed to the later years.
  • Drew makes a snappy one-liner after his "Welcome back!" each commercial break.
  • You hear Drew say "The points don't matter," two if he relates it to something else that doesn't matter.
    • A whole pack of beer if the points suddenly matter. Beware; you could just be so drunk you think the points matter, in which case we recommend you hire a professional psychologist and take your Ritalin.
  • A cast mate walks offstage, be it a case of Screw This, I'm Outta Here!, a gag, running away... or... to do something freaky.
  • You notice Ryan made the wrong guy do push-ups for damaging the green screen, when the culprit got off scot-free.
  • Ryan trolls the audience by pulling people out of their seats.
  • Ryan trolls Drew.
  • Ryan trolls Colin.
  • Ryan trolls himself.
  • Ryan trolls... well, you're probably out of alcohol by now.
  • Colin trolls Aisha.
  • Greg trolls Clive.
  • Clive trolls Greg. (Okay, okay, we'll stop now.)
  • Wayne's G-string is mentioned.
  • Wayne does or causes something raunchy onstage. (Melissa's underwear, anyone?)
  • You catch a reference to or parody of The Jerry Springer Show.
    • Two if Jerry Springer comes onto the show—three if you realize the cast effectively trolled him speechless by refusing to let him talk during the skit he was involved in, and that he deserves a round of applause for stitching up an asshole's bullshit dispenser. Kiss your girlfriend if you laughed at that one. Single? Kiss your drink!
  • Colin unwittingly makes a remarkably accurate and magnificent joke during "Interview" or "Newsflash"
    • A whole pack of beer if you catch the one he makes during the "Newsflash" featuring himself.
  • Ryan wants his COOOOKE!!
  • Colin makes a clever segue.
    • Two if Ryan makes a crappy segue and Colin snarks at it.
  • Wayne pretends to rewind himself, talk slow-mo, or fast-forward with breathtaking skill.
  • You notice there are two kinds of hats used during "Scenes From a Hat": the red one and white one. (Light beer for white, normal for red.)
    • Mix both beers together if you see a different hat being used. (Aisha and Clive are exempt)
  • Drew tosses the Scenes hat toward the camera
    • Two and a cheer if he hits the camera
    • Three if he topples the camera over.
  • A cast mate get stumped during "Party Quirks."
  • Drew pulls out his tape recorder.
  • They're playing the original version of "Sound Effects" where Ryan does the noises and Colin follows along.
    • Two if it's the rarely-played "pre-recorded sounds" variation from the UK version.
  • Drew uses the buzzer to stop someone from cracking a joke, or vice-verca.
    • Three drinks if the buzzer breaks, by which time you'll probably be "buzzed" enough to imitate it in place of the real thing.
    • Four drinks if the host uses the doorbell instead of the buzzer when they're not playing "Party Quirks".
    • Five if the host accidentally hits the buzzer instead of the doorbell when they are playing "Party Quirks".
  • You still can't get Colin's "Me-owwwwww!" joke out of your head.
  • A joke was made about Ryan looking like Doogie Howser.
  • The Living Scenery is used in a sexually suggestive manner.
    • Two if the scenery initiates the suggestiveness.
    • Three if that scenery is Richard Simmons.

Outside of the series, drink if:
  • You notice the buzzer is different in the early games of the American game.
  • You catch a rerun of Whose Line? late at night on ABC Family—if they still rerun the show.
  • The reruns get funnier the more you watch them.
  • You're watching clips of the show on Youtube.
  • And last, but not least... a full round of beers if you want this show back on the air. *snifle sniffle* *sob*

For the reboot, here's a different game:
  • Whenever the cast is doing Sideways Scene and Aisha says "Now you're in the exorcist" or "Now you're in a horror movie", take a drink.
  • Whenever the guest star comes out, take a drink. Finish your drink if it's a shameless plug by the CW for one of the shows on their network.
  • Whenever Aisha says something funny, take a drink.
  • When they do a Helping Hands game, take a drink.
  • Whenever they put on sunglasses taken out of a purse, take a drink.
  • Whenever Colin makes a bald joke at Wayne, Keegan, Gary or someone else's expense.
  • Take a big shot anytime Wayne corpses.
  • Each time they crack on Ryan getting middle-aged, finish your drink.
  • When Sideways Scene is played, take a sip for every shimmying motion done by one of the cast.
  • Every time a Twitter hashtag appears.
  • Drink twice each time Wayne's divorce is mentioned. That second drink is for Wayne's sake.
  • If Jeff acts like a sissy, take a drink.
  • When Greg flirts with someone male, finish your drink.
  • When Jeff does his Christopher Walken impression, take a shot.
  • Each time Wayne does his Sammy Davis Jr. impression, take a shot.
  • Take a drink if your jaw drops in horror at how much the cast has aged since their days on Whose Line?—especially Ryan; poor guy's being called an out-of-touch dad now!
  • Aisha puts on a sassy black woman act.
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