Heartwarming / Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

  • A lot of characters expressing their reasons for doing the right thing in the secret character test challenges, especially early on in the competition when it was mostly impossible to know that was part of the challenge. Particularly with the lost little girl in episode 1, with Fat Momma saying that as a mother with kids of her own she simply couldn't let that happen, and Lumeria saying that she got lost herself when she was a little girl and she couldn't stand to watch that happen to somebody else.
  • Just after being eliminated from the show, Major Victory makes a phone call to his estranged teenage daughter, to tell her that he had been eliminated and would be coming home; she was his reason for doing the show, cleaning up his act and generally trying to be a better person. He sobbed, his daughter sobbed, Feedback and Fat Momma sobbed...but you know it's a CMOH when Stan Lee cries!
    "You'll always be a hero to me, dad."
  • There are a couple involving Feedback in Season 1. First off, during one of the elimination segments, he chokes up as he confesses that via comic books, he always thought of Stan Lee as father-figure (Feedback confessed in that same episode that he lost his father to suicide). Another comes when Fat Mama expresses concern for Feedback, worrying if he could handle it if he lost the grand prize after so much investment (emotional and otherwise), and he reassures her that he'd feel no shame or regret losing to her.
    • One of his biggest moments, simultaneously his Crowning Moment of Awesome, was during the convict challenge. Feedback decided he needed to treat the convict like a human being and only hug him if they made a genuine emotional connection. And they did. His convict told him that he didn't regret the murders he had done, and when Feedback asked him how he would feel if somebody from his family was killed, the convict replies that somebody from his family was killed: his father. It's then that Feedback reveals that his father committed suicide, and he tells the convict: "I don't know what your life was like. But I know what it's like to lose a dad. And I'm sorry." And they hug. Sure, the convict is clearly the slightest bit confused and doesn't show much emotion, but they hug.
  • During the Season 1 finale, Stan is forced to choose a winner between Fat Momma and Feedback. He tells them how proud he is of both of them and that he'd rather be anyone but the person who had to make this decision.
  • In the Season 2 finale, Hygena tells Stan about her miscarriage and that being on the show and making it all that way has given her the courage to try to have a child again.