Heartwarming: The Mask

  • When Stanley and Tina go to the bridge to get rid of the mask for good.
    Stanley: Are you sure about this? Once this guys' gone, all that's left is me?
    Tina: (takes the mask from Stanley, and unhesitatingly throws it into the river) then we get the Big Damn Kiss

  • Even though it leads to the massive Mood Whiplash that was her Face-Heel Turn reveal, and it was very likely that she was lying through her teeth the whole time, you gotta admit, Peggy's little "You Are Better Than You Think You Are" Speech to Stanley was pretty damn sweet.
    Peggy: Look, I don't know what's happening to you, Stanley... but I do know this; that letter that you sent my column? That was from a guy with more guts... and more heart, than any of the creeps that I've met in this city. Whatever that mask is... you don't need it. You, Stanley Ipkiss, are already all you'll ever need to be.