Tear Jerker / The Mask

  • In the movie during the big dance number. Dorian goes to talk to one of his men who had been shot by the cops, after The Mask beat them to the bank. He tries to offer him a smoke to comfort him, but he succumbs to the wound and dies. At first Dorian seems to take it well before he flies into a rage and chucks his Zippo at the TV. Of course it ends up being a Mood Whiplash when in his grief induced rage he confronts The Mask at the club.
  • After Stanley is locked up in jail he discovers that Milo followed him all the way to the station. Stanley tells Milo to forget about him and find a new family. But he just lays down near some garbage outside Stanley's cell. It's one of the saddest scenes in the film. But ever the loyal dog, he stayed there until Stanley need his help to escape.
  • The look on Stanley's face when he learns Peggy sold him out. It's reminiscent of the look someone would give when they've been punched in the stomach.