Quotes / The Mask

IIIII gotcha with my winning smile
I'm a livin' lesson in flair and style
You just can't help but stare at mah savoir faire!
I'm Nouveau, Deco, Roman Greco, Raccoco, Barocco, be-bop, hip-hop, uh, flip-flop
Somebody stop me!
Pretty viridian faces like mine
Don't come a dime a dozen - I stand out in a crowd!
Babe, when they made me, yeah, they broke the mold!

Wholesome and kind, staid and refined - totally out of my mind!
Aaaarch-villains and ne'er-do-wells had better learn to decorate prison cells,
Green goes with anything if they ask, see?
Well, there's one last thing I gotta sing about!
Open up wide and really shout!
Oooooh, LOOK OUT!
— The lyrics to the 90s show, as sung by Rob Paulsen