Heartwarming / The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

  • Princess Zelda selecting the tiny shield as her prize and presenting it to Link.
  • Does anybody else think that it is so heartwarming that the Picori do so much for humans, but they can't even see them?
    • Especially the shoe-maker. The lines you get from the Picori on the table are just adorable.
  • The song "Rescuing Zelda" that plays during the intro and the ending of the game. Such a beautiful song...
  • The curse being broken on Ezlo, restoring his true form. After Zelda combines her power on the Mage's Cap to undo all the damage Vaati has done on Hyrule, and restoring Dark Hyrule Castle back to its peaceful state, he even gives a normal green cap to Link, remarking that the boy looks good in it. Becomes a Tear Jerker moment when he has to leave Hyrule and back with the Picori/Minish, and that the gate will be closed for a hundred years.