Funny / The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

  • Some of Ezlo's comments can be like this. For example, when joking about where the Minish would live in a library (in stories), evidently Link gives a face and Ezlo says "You were one of THEM?!" "Them", as in unbelievers.
    Ezlo: I sure hope you do now. You're wearing one!
    • At one point, Ezlo remarks that he could go for a hot bath. Link's apparent response is to offer to send him to the cleaner's. Ezlo is not amused.
    Ezlo: What makes you think you can treat me like common laundry?!
  • Most of Ezlo's Stop Poking Me! dialogue can be very funny, and they change as you progress through the story. At one point, if you speak to him, he'll bite his tongue! Considering how he's a hat with a stork's beak, biting his tongue is quite an accomplishment.
    • By the end of the game Ezlo's dialogue has completely changed in tone as continuously pressing the select button just results in words of encouragement and how proud he is of how far Link has come. Starts as a heartwarming moment, becomes funny when Link gets weirded out by Ezlo's change of heart resulting in Ezlo wondering why he even bothered.
  • The boss of the Temple of Droplets is an Octorok who was FROZEN TODAY! The object of the fight is to use your mostly harmless Lantern to torch a plant on his backside. There is a guilty pleasure in using a tiny lantern on a monster that is several times bigger than you to light its ass on fire.
  • The primary means of transportation in this game's fire-themed dungeon is to ride in minecarts, because the place used to be a mine (natch). When you first get in one, the thing just suddenly takes off at roller-coaster speeds with Link screaming all the way! Truth is, thanks to Ezlo's whining, Link actually enjoyed it!
    • When you first run into one, Ezlo states it's nothing to be scared of. The second you get off it, he shares how scared he was on it.
  • There are several headstone-like markers that you can later warp to with the Warp Whistle. Every time you activate one, the thing just explodes! Ezlo, the game's resident Exposition Fairy, even lampshades it!
  • After years of wondering why we find random items and money hidden under rocks and bushes, this game finally explains that they are placed there by tiny mouse-elf people.
  • The figurines you can collect later can be a laugh. The one for Funday School has one kid pretending to read a textbook...while hiding a Gameboy Advance behind it.
    • And another figurine talks about Hyrule's cobbler, Rem, who makes shoes in his sleep (thanks to a team of helpful Minish). The figurine mentions that his number one source of income is none other than Princess Zelda.
      • While on that topic, Rem is actually a Stealth Pun, because we always find the guy dozing off. He's trying to get some REM sleep.
  • There are some Amusing Injuries that Link can suffer, such as fire attacks lighting his ass on fire, causing him to run like...his ass is on fire.
  • Link asks the Minish sage Librari for help getting into the Temple of Droplets. He responds by instructing Link to stand on a special part of the floor, then commanding the secret panel to open. After a beat, nothing happens, and Link looks confused... and then the trapdoor opens under him.
  • If you try to use the Gust Jar on a Stalfos, its skull will be yanked off and it'll wander around blindly. If it encounters one of the skulls you'll find lying around on the ground it'll pick it up, put it on its neck as if it were its head, and resume attacking.
  • If you opt to take a nap in the bed in Link's house, it's revealed that Link sleeps with Ezlo tucked under the covers next to him, and even nudges him awake before putting him back on.