Tear Jerker / The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

  • Zelda's capture in this game; it's clearly not enough that she gets Taken for Granite, ohhhh no! Let's have Link stand in front of her, trying to protect her, then getting completely pushed aside by Vaati. If Link could show emotion in a 2D environment, he'd be past the Despair Event Horizon by now...
    • Saying nothing of what happens near the end of the game; at a certain point, Vaati starts draining Zelda's life force as you fight through the last hordes of enemies, with a bell chiming three times before the process can be complete. If you don't stop him before the third chime, Zelda will have all of her life drained, leaving her as a lifeless statue...thank Hylia it's not the canon ending.
  • Ezlo has to return to his home dimension, presumably leaving Link forever.
    • "It suits you... little hero."