Heartwarming / The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

  • In Wind Waker, Link's grandmother gets sick and delirious in the first half of the story. When you get back, she's begging you and your sister not to leave "your poor grandma all alone." If you cure her with a fairy note , she gives a real tear jerker of a speech about how she'll try to be strong.
    • What makes it even sweeter is that it's a rare moment of Link having someone else show parental love for him. After so many games of him being pretty much alone to go risk his life in monster-infested dungeons and temples, how many times has he had someone say "I should be the one taking care of you"?
    • Even the practical, non-emotional reward for doing this is rather heartwarming: after you get Grandma all better, she whips you up a batch of your favorite home-made soup! (The fact that this is 2 helpings of the game's ultimate healing item simply makes this a Karmic Jackpot, and a just reward for your kindness.)
    • When you arrive on Outset Island intending to obtain Nayru's Pearl, there's also a notable heartwarming moment with the King of Red Lions - after making note of the curse of endless night cast by Ganondorf, he insists that Link return home to visit his friends and family, and that meeting with Jabun can wait until he's done. Even though he spends the entire adventure up to that point just encouraging Link to achieve the next in-story objective, it shows that he's aware of how this journey might have affected Link, and is willing to put his own interests on hold in order for Link to reunite with his loved ones, however briefly, after such a long time away.
  • The entire ending of Wind Waker: from the King's Heroic Sacrifice, Hyrule's destruction, and finally Link setting off with the Pirates to find a new land everything fills you with a sense of hope for the future.
    King: I have scattered the seeds... of the future...
  • Pretty much any scene with both Link and Tetra in it can be enough to make any gamer's stone heart turn all mushy...
  • The whole final fight. You were not fighting for Hyrule: all that was being destroyed around you. The only thing you were doing was fighting for your own lives so you could go find a new land.
  • How much Link cares for his little sister Aryll is really touching. Even the his facial expression and little laugh when he finally reaches Aryll in the cage is enough to make you all tingly.
  • The statue of the Hero of Time and the images of the 6 Sages in stained glass really drive home the awe and reverence that the people of Hyrule had for the people who had sacrificed so much, including their lives, to ensure that the kingdom was safe. It's nice to know that, with the Continuity Snarl that exists among the games at times, that at least once the actions of Link and his allies was remembered and honored.
  • Many of the interactions with Medli are just adorable. One particular moment in the Earth Temple:
    Medli: I hope you're not offended by my suggestions. I just want to be helpful...
  • Zunari's plotline is a wonderful illustration of the game's overarching theme of "letting go of the past." When he arrives at Windfall, he has only two things of value: his sail, and his Magic Armor, both treasured family heirlooms. He sells the sail to Link, which gives him the money to set up his stall. With Link's help, his business becomes a big success, and eventually he gives his Armor to Link as a token of friendship. It's painful at first, but by giving up the treasures of his past he grows happier than ever, with new friends and a bright new future ahead of him.
  • Meta example from the HD version: That fact that people often send Pictographs of missable characters via Tingle Bottle to help others complete their Nintendo Gallery. "Pass it on," indeed.
  • In a moment that also implements a bit of Fridge Brilliance in an otherwise Tear Jerker scene: Despite her best efforts during the ending, all of Zelda's insistence, and the promise of finding a new land to call Hyrule, was for nothing, as the king is simply too distraught over his past failures to let go of his kingdom of old...But then he does reconsider, albeit briefly, at the mere sight of Link reaching out to him, fighting against the rising current, all without a single word spoken. The relation he holds with Zelda, their connections to Hyrule, meant nearly nothing to him, but the relationship he'd formed, however subtle, with the klutzy goofball who'd basically stumbled face-first into a heroic destiny, with no notable lineage or experience whatsoever, was enough to make him hesitate. Like the above example, this speaks volumes as to the true message of the game - even through the pain of loving something that's long since passed, there'll always be something there to make you smile in your future. It's only up to you which way you choose to go.
    • In the end Tetra (Zelda) did fulfill her promise to King to find a new land in memory of Hyrule which is the setting of The Legend of Zelda Spirits Track.
  • In a way, the man who runs the Battleship mini-game. While he's clearly bored out of his mind when you first talk to him, as soon as the game actually starts, he immediately begins hamming it up, all so some random kid could have a bit of fun.