Heartwarming / Mario Party

  • Seeing the two Yoshis being reunited at the end of the Yoshi board in 1.
  • Everyone celebrating the player's birthday in 4.
  • At the end of Story Mode in 4, it's revealed that Bowser's goal was to get in on celebrating the player's birthday like everyone else. Aww. Not that he'll admit it, though.
  • At the end of Mario Party 5, Bowser's wish was for a strong opponent, meaning that even when you defeated him, he got what he wanted.
    • The cutscene after the third story mode board has Koopa Kid state that his dream is to be near Bowser in a way that sounds very much like a small child enjoying time with their father.
    • The 4-player minigame Flower Shower takes place during a Koopa Troopa wedding. Awww...
  • See the first Donkey Kong-based entry in the series's Fridge Brilliance page.
  • Arriving at a Bowser space without coins or stars (most likely because your opponents just got done stripping you clean of anything) causes him to take pity on you and give you some coins to get back into the game. He's still a major jerkass, but stuff like this helps us remember that he does have a heart underneath it all (even if he's only giving you the coins so you can actually gain something of value for him to steal).
  • The ending cutscene of 3. The real Millennium Star allows your character to become the greatest Superstar in the universe, with the background music having that Earn Your Happy Ending feeling to it. This, combined with the credits and their music, also drives home the point that this is the last non-third-party game for the N64.
  • The end of the mini-game "Shy Guy Shuffle" in Mario Party 10 where the players all sit around a table eating donuts. Also counts as Crowning Moment of Funny as it is one of the few mini-games with post-game animation.