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Nintendo 64 (1, 2, 3)
  • Mario's Rainbow Castle in the first Mario Party has one Bowser's event. He gives the player a black star. The music dies out and the character looks at the screen as if to say What. Then Bowser takes 40 coins and does a dance.
    • Not to mention his event in Luigi's Engine Room. Bowser presents you with his latest invention, a coin-making machine. To demonstrate, Bowser then makes a coin for you, which your character looks at and then looks at the screen as if to say "this can't really be happening" before picking it up. Bowser then charges you 20 coins for the demonstration and does his little dance. Jerk.
    • If you throws into a game of Bash and Cash and you surprisingly manage to avoid losing any coins, Bowser is shocked. Then he says he's going to take your coins anyways because he doesn't like you.
  • In the Mario Party 2 intro, Wario disagrees with Mario Land being named after Mario and declares it be named Wario Land since he's the Super Star. Him, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and DK all get into an argument, which is halted when Peach interjects and says that she has a name everyone can agree on. She pulls a cord...and a sign for Peach Land shows up. Everyone collapses in response.
    • Another is the red Koopa Troopa who, upon discovering Bowser invading Mario Land, rushes to the six and yells at them as they're arguing of the threat. They briefly look at him, then go back to arguing as if it doesn't matter.
      • The music of that bit only makes it funnier. Especially when it abruptly pauses when the cast glances at the Koopa as mentioned and abruptly resumes as they go back to arguing.
  • From Mario Party 2: Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing. Artificial Stupidity at its finest.
  • In Mario Party 3's Story Mode, Mario is shown happily relaxing outside Peach's Castle in a chair. What could possibly ruin this plumber's day? The Millennium Star crashing right beside him, causing Mario to go flying off.
  • Daisy slapping Bowser into the sky in Mario Party 3. The reactions of Tumble and the Millennium Star especially make this moment priceless.
    • Mario Party 3's Bowser in general. He's portrayed as totally incompetent, showing up too late, and getting owned by not only Daisy, but Waluigi, who easily defeats him in a fistfight.
  • In Mario Party 2's Horror Land, Mr. I's idea of teleporting you is... chasing you across the board.
  • SO EIN MIST! Or what some hear it as: D'OH I MISSED!
  • Any time the once-in-a-blue-moon positive Bowser Space event occurs. Especially in 2 and 3, where he just stares blankly at you and runs away.
  • There's an Item Mini-Game in Mario Party 3 called "Hey, Batter Batter!" in which, unsurprisingly, you get a single swing at a pitch from Baby Bowser, if you hit the ball, it can go to an item and you win it. Or Baby Bowser can catch it.
  • The Story Mode in 3, each time a Star Stamp is collected, Bowser will attempt to take it from you. They're all pretty funny, but the clincher is after the fourth stamp, when Bowser and the Koopa Kids block your escape. Tumble asks Bowser to get out of the way, and he does so.
  • There's the minigame "The Beat Goes On" in 3 where you have to copy the beat the Shy Guys made. Every character uses, naturally, their hands to beat the drums. Yoshi actually uses his head.
  • From Mario Party 2: Bowser's Big Blast. Players take turns pressing switches and hoping it's not the one that eliminates them. When a switch is pressed, the music goes silent. Then, either nothing happens, and the character that presses it sighs in relief, or the "eyes" on the bomb initiate a countdown while the poor sap that pressed the switch goes into their "oh no" animation and then gets blown away.
  • In 2 and 3, when you land in a Bowser's square, besides all his bad options, there is normaly the option for "10,000 coin gift" or "100 star gift". If you actually manage to get one of this, Bowser will flee. Specially funny in 3 since he literally runs away from his promise.
  • In Mario Party 3, Bowser can randomly appear in a Ready for Lovemaking pose to any of the players, not just Peach.

Gamecube (4, 5, 6, 7)
  • In Mario Party 5 and 6, if you land on a Mr. Blizzard space while carrying no capsules/orbs, a giant snowman falls onto your head while a text box reads "Nothing happened".
    • The Thwomp Orb in 6 and 7 is similarly hilarious if only for how abrupt it is. The character barely even gets to step onto the space before WHAM, Thwomp comes barreling out of the sky with no warning and crushes them flat!
  • In Mario Party 4, most of the Bowser minigame dialogue. A highlight is in "Darts of Doom", when Bowser forces the Koopa Kids to move the dartboard so that he won't get hit.
    • From the same minigame:
    Koopa Kid #1: The player with the least points...
    Koopa Kid #2: Gets a back rub!
    Koopa Kid #1: NO! They get ROASTED!
    Koopa Kid #2: Like chestnuts on an open fire!
    • There's also the way he sometimes in "Fruits of Doom" will hesitate before eating a fruit, as if wondering "wait, did I ask for this?"
    • It's made even funnier if Bowser is about to take a bite, pauses, and tosses it away. You just can't help but laugh.
  • The seldom-seen Draw result in 5's Manic Mallets. Normally, the hammer just hits one team. In a draw, the hammer turns 90 degrees, and flattens them all.
  • The Bubble Capsule (in 5). Apparently, it is a viable strategy to light your backside on fire in order to advance 10 spaces.
  • The minigame "Apes of Wrath" from 7 has a beginning animation where the two duelists eat apples before being spotted by the Ukikis. If Dry Bones is one of the duelists, he bites into an apple... and his head sticks to it and comes off his body.
  • Luigi's Annoy Mode taunt in 7 is hilarious. The kicker? He simply goes, "Oh,sorry."
  • Mario Party 7's Bowser Time had a couple funny moments:
    • The constant event where Bowser takes a memento of the trip and gets every player in a cut-out picture. The photo of the characters itself is usually normal for the most part... but sometimes Bowser "accidentally stumbles" into the photo. In the end, Bowser makes everyone pay 10-20 coins and dupes them.
    • Him making Koopa Kid rob a bank in Windmillville. On some occasions, Koopa Kid will fail to steal any coins, resulting in Bowser grounding his minion.

Wii and Wii U (8, 9, 10)
  • In Mario Party 8, the team name for Mario and Dry Bones together is "BBQ Ribs".
  • A two-on-two minigame in Mario Party 8, Paint Misbehavin' the winning team will go back in their tanks and start shooting paintballs at the losers, whom start running around in circles with their hands up.
  • The Reverse Minigame Bowser option in Mario Party 9, where the first person who loses wins.
  • Shy Guy's animation for getting third place in a mini game in 9. He does a cute little dance.
    • Yoshi seems to have taken up wagging his behind at the camera in some of his victory animations, which are also rather funny.
    • Toad getting 3rd place in 9. He shrugs and wiggles his hips.
  • This gem from 8's King Boo's Haunted Hideaway.
  • The Story Mode cutscenes in Mario Party 9, where Bowser and Bowser Jr. plot to put an end to the heroes. By the time the heroes reach Magma Mine, Bowser, instead of juggling the mini-stars, taps his foot with his arms crossed as he knows all to well what Junior's gonna tell him.
    • Each cutscene also includes a moment where Junior tells Bowser about a generic location and Bowser gives a more detailed description
    Bowser: Spooky-castle stage? The one filled with terrible ghosts and worse decorating? That's Boo's Haunted Castle!
    • Then there's the cutscene for Bowser Station...
    Bowser: Space stage? You mean my secret hideaway? That's Bowser Station! I guess I'll just have to send my minions into outer space!
    Bowser Jr.: Yeah, Dad! What's up?
  • In Bowser Party mode in 10, the Back spaces catapult Team Mario back a set number of spaces. This is at its most hilarious when it catapults them back into Bowser, since not only is it Comedic Sociopathy, but Bowser's roar makes it looks like he just realized a car/submarine/mecha is flying straight at his face.

Handheld (Advance, DS, Island Tour, Star Rush)
  • One of the best parts in the Advance version is during the "Bowserstein!" quest. You're given a choice of facing either Bowser's Scary Monster or Very Scary Monster, if you choose Scary Monster you'd play the game as normal, choose Very Scary Monster and a small Huffin Puffin waddles in, forcing you to start it over.
    • The "Bestest Buds" quest gives us this gem:
    Bowser: I am the swoon master, the regent of romance!
  • Any time Bowser mentions his bubble powers in Island Tour.
  • Bowser does at least have special dialogue for his son in the Tower mode of Island Tour, blasting him off the top aside. He does not, however, in Bowser's Peculiar Peak— in fact, he doesn't give his son ANY special treatment if he loses, and is perfectly content with batting him into an active volcano with a gigantic mallet.
  • Naturally, the characters aren't wanting to move forward in Bowser's Peculiar Peak in Island Tour because Bowser is waiting at the "goal". So the way the players move is by the spaces on the board lighting the poor character's butt on fire to get him/her moving.

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