Heartwarming / Frasier

  • In the episode "The Gift Horse", Martin says that Niles' birthday gift of his old police horse was the best gift he could get. After he thanks him, Niles lies and says that the horse was from both himself and Frasier—who was earlier upset that he'd lost their "gift-giving" competition because of that horse.
  • "Miracle On Third Or Fourth Street", wherein Frasier gets his Christmas saved by a bunch of homeless men in a diner, after Lilith - possibly purposefully - went to Austria with Frasier's son (who he hadn't seen in years) to give him a Sound Of Music Christmas, he (Frasier) was forced to work on Christmas Day (and sit through depressing calls), and then he lost his wallet at the diner where he went to have supper. Without missing a beat, a homeless guy sitting down the bar says "Don't worry, I've got this." Frasier protests, but the guy says simply, "It's Christmas."
  • Despite his hatred for his father's chair, Frasier went to great lengths to return it the two times it was lost. After it was accidentally thrown out, Frasier has to act in a middle school play to get it back. Even better, though, when Frasier accidentally destroys it, he has an exact duplicate made, getting the original company to reweave the fabric and hiring a master builder to construct it. It ends up becoming the most expensive piece of furniture in the entire apartment. Given Frasier's penchant for expensive designer pieces, that means it likely cost over $10,000.
  • Another one in the episode "The Maris Counselor" when after Niles breaks it off with Maris for good, the three Crane men have drinks and joke about their failed love lives. At one point in the discussion, when Niles is explaining how he ran into Maris's lover, there is also a Funny Moment:
    Niles: Fifteen years with Maris, I end up in bed with her lover.
    Martin: Geeze, I didn't need to hear that!
    Niles: No, no, it was an accident. It was pitch dark, I thought he was Maris.
    Frasier: It's a natural mistake. What tipped you off?
    Niles: The heat from her side of the bed. [they all laugh]
  • "The Proposal" generally is pretty heartwarming, but especially Frasier's reaction to it as he watches it in secret and then proceeds to tackle the trumpet guy to preserve the silence.
  • The ending of "Crock Tales", when everyone comes home to dinner, and Frasier reconsiders the broken crockpot not as garbage, but as a silent observer to all the precious moments Frasier had spent with his family over the years.
  • In 'Enemy At the Gate' Frasier refuses to pay a parking fee because he hasn't actually parked so he decides to stay his full 20 minutes and holds up traffic behind him. Niles become fed up and is about to leave until the man working there calls Frasier an idiot. Niles says Frasier is just passionate, looks at him through the window and then sits back in the car. The brothers share a respectful look.
  • Martin thanking his son "for everything" in the finale. On a meta level, the fact that John Mahoney requested to be able to do this.
  • The episode when Niles has heart surgery.
    • During the episode Niles almost out of his head on anesthetic muses that hospitals have memories and there are flashbacks throughout the episode to other times the characters were there at different points in their lives. After Niles recovers, Daphne goes to awaken Niles and as she leaves him it pans to a room where Daphne and Niles are welcoming their second child. It should be noted that the flashbacks are done like the hospital remembering actual events. Not to mention that fact that Niles' possibly-last words are, "Daphne, Daphne, Daphne," because he wants to say her name as much as he can.
    • Also heartwarming is the fact that Maris calls Niles before he goes into surgery. Despite everything she still cares a lot about him.
  • Soon after finding out she's pregnant, Roz breaks down and cries because she's not sure she can raise a child on her own:
  • In a season 1 episode, Niles and Maris's marriage is in trouble for the first time, and Niles and Daphne are stuck alone in the mansion during a storm.
    • Niles is about to make a move when a music box he bought for Maris springs into life:
      Niles: It hasn't worked like that in years! Oh, Maris will be thrilled! [Beat] ...Maris.
      Daphne: You really love her, don't you?
      Niles: ...you know, I do.
    • It became Harsher in Hindsight by knowing that their marriage will break down over the next couple of years, but it's a sweet moment all the same, especially when Niles goes on to reassure Daphne that she'll find a man worthy of her "as soon as the gods create him."
  • In one episode, Roz has recently broken up from a long-term relationship and seems, to Frasier's concern, a little too okay with the whole thing. In the meantime, they're doing a show in Spokane to try and get more listeners but are having a hard time getting people to call in. Frasier asks Roz to pretend to be a caller and she randomly picks a fear of the dark as her psychological problem. However as Frasier pretends to analyse her problem, it swiftly turns into an analysis of her failed relationship and she starts to break down and cry. Frasier dispenses some touching advice, including a strong urging that she let her friends help her, and as soon as the "call" ends, he immediately gets up, runs over to her and gives her a big hug. Awwww. Undercut when Kenny races in to remind them that there's dead air. However, the heartwarming continues when callers, who hated Frasier for replacing a local legend, call it to comfort Roz, and a caller calls in with the same problem as Roz - Frasier's first legit call at the new station.
  • Near the end of season five a now single Niles decides to ask out Daphne, but loses his nerve and ends up telling her he's in love with a woman he made up. One thing leads to another and Daphne ends up helping him cook a romantic dinner for "Phyllis". As they start chopping up vegetables, Niles points about that they're chopping in rhythm. Daphne starts humming along to the beat, prompting Niles to start singing "Heart and Soul". And then Daphne joins in.
    • Subverted the hell out of in "Daphne Returns", when Frasier accuses Niles of romanticizing Daphne too much. When they visit the scene, Frasier rolls his eyes, and snarks about it.
      Frasier: Oh, please!
      Niles: What?
      Frasier: Even your everyday memories are idealized. How long until the cartoon blue bird lands on her shoulder?
    • Still, that episode ends on a nice heartwarming note too. Once Niles admits to himself that he's idealized Daphne too much in his imagination, and his subconscious fear that he isn't worthy of her, he and Daphne finally make passionate love for the first time (right in the middle of Frasier's apartment, apparently). The next day Niles has a look of sublime satisfaction on his face when he meets his brother for coffee. "You know the best part, Frasier? It wasn't at all like I imagined it."
    • We later learn in "Crock Tales" the day after, Daphne confided to a gobsmacked Roz that Niles ruined her for any other men.
  • Though the confession was made under a degree of duress, hearing Martin admit out loud that he loves his sons in "Breaking the Ice" was genuinely heartwarming. The Heartwarming part is Martin's self-reflection, pondering why it's so difficult to express love for his sons. When they tell them he doesn't have to say it because they know he loves them, he rejects that, insisting he be able to verbally say it. He states that it was one of the things Hester reprimanded him for.
    Martin: No - if I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it right. (awkward pause) Well, I can't say it with you looking at me!
  • In "The 1000th Show", the city is throwing a huge party in Frasier's honor. Frasier spends half the episode trying to make it in time for the ceremony, facing one obstacle after another. As he's finally in a cab on the way to the park where the party is held, the driver starts telling him about his ex-wife getting remarried, and his relationship with his children. Frasier spends the remainder of the celebration sitting in the cab, right outside the park, listening.
  • In "Cheerful Goodbyes," Frasier says of his old bar pals:
    "They were there for me when I needed friends the most."
  • In "And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon", Niles and Daphne seem not to be able to have their first date they looked forward to, but Frasier and Martin surprise them with organizing one.
  • Near the end of "Frasier Grinch", Frasier is upset after learning that his son Frederick wanted the hot new Christmas toy of the season called the Robogeek, since Frasier had only bought him educational toys for Christmas, and believes he'll let him down on Christmas morning. Martin says that he never knows what to get Frasier either before giving him his present.
    Martin: Merry Christmas, son.
    Frasier: Oh, Dad, how did you know? My very own Outlaw Laser Robogeek.
    • Earlier, in a Fridge moment, Frasier is reading a very treacly self-composed fable. It's labeled as "Olaf, the Lonely Goatherd". He's also looking forward to his first Christmas with Frederick, whose favorite movie is The Sound of Music, which has a song named "The Lonely Goatherd" in it. Not hard to imagine the inspiration behind it.
  • In "The Guilt Trippers" and "Moons over Seattle" Niles went to Manchester in order to get Daphne's father Harry to reconcile with his wife Gertrude, getting thrown out of a pub six times for his trouble. He finally managed to convince Harry to fly back with him only for them to end up fighting and Daphne furious with him. When Daphne was alone with her father and was worried that her upcoming marriage with Niles will end the same way his and Gertrude's did, Harry told her that Niles was thrown out of the pub six times by him and still came back in to try to talk to Harry just to make Daphne happy, something he would have never done for Gertrude. Later Daphne shows up at Niles' house saying that she would rather elope with him right then and there, than spend one more minute without being his wife.
    Daphne: Because you'd do anything, even put up with my insane family to make me happy. Because you'd travel half way around the world to make my dreams come true, even the impossible ones. And because I can't spend one more second without being your wife, Niles Crane, because I adore you.
  • In 'Star Mitzah", after Lilith gets emotional and tells Frederick not to grow up, Niles scoffs before Martin starts crying, hugging him, and saying "Come here, Daddy's little peanut man!"
  • In the episode "Martin Does It His Way", Frasier and Niles spend hours helping Martin to transpose a song from his head to the page so he can send it to Frank Sinatra, as Martin has dreamed of having Sinatra sing one of his songs for years. Later, after the song is rejected, in a moment that doubles as a Moment of Awesome, Frasier turns a eulogy for the ever-cruel Aunt Louise into a chance for Martin to hear his song sung by a choir. "She's such a groovy lady..."
  • In "Mixed Doubles," Niles and Daphne each meet someone at a singles bar; Frasier later spots their new significant others together at Cafe Nervosa, and Niles' reaction shows how much regard he really has for Daphne's feelings.
    Niles: I don't believe it! The betrayal! No one treats Daphne like that!
  • After Niles and Daphne elope in "The Ring Cycle", they come to realize that getting married without their friends and family would be hurtful, and so they decide to stage another wedding (and then another — it's complicated).
    • When everyone finally learns the truth, they are predictably offended and begin arguing over each other until Martin interrupts.
      Martin: I have a question. If you two have been married for three days, [opens door] why aren't you on your honeymoon?
    • Daphne then thanks Martin, calling him "Martin" (instead of "Mr. Crane") for the first time without it sounding awkward.
  • When Roz becomes pregnant, she lies repeatedly about who the father is...and it turns out that he's a twenty-year-old college student who works at Cafe Nervosa (the two had a one-night stand). Once he learns the truth, he immediately declares his intention to drop out of college, marry Roz, and help to raise his child. That alone is heartwarming, but Roz's reaction is even better: she gently but firmly tells him not to drop out, insisting that he live his own life. It's sweet to see her willing to give so much to someone she barely knows.
  • After Niles finds out Maris has been having an affair with their marriage counselor, he comes into a joint therapy group he and Frasier are hosting and makes a complete fool of himself, breaking down in front of the patients. After they leave, Frasier calls him out for acting like an idiot. That is until Niles tells him what the counselor did and Frasier switches from being angry at Niles to angry for Niles in the blink of an eye.
    Frasier: That contemptible bastard.
    • It also helps that after Niles ends things with Maris for good, he spends the evening trading shots with Frasier and Martin over how mutually pathetic their love-lives are. One of the best bonding moments amongst the Crane boys in the whole show.
    • In general, also the fact that whenever Niles has a meltdown, Frasier is almost always willing to drop everything and comfort him. The man really does love his little brother.
  • In "Hungry Heart," Frasier finally decides to say something about Daphne's recent weight gain (which has become extremely noticeable at this point) to Niles. He tries to tactfully broach the subject, but when Niles doesn't get the hint, he's forced to get more and more blunt, finally outright asking about "her size"; Niles assumes he's talking about his and Daphne's height difference. Frasier then realizes that Niles genuinely doesn't care about Daphne's appearance, and simply says that he hopes to one day love someone as much as Niles loves her. Subverted a little since we later find out Niles is being willfully blind to his girlfriend's weight problem because he's still obsessed with his fantasy image of Daphne. It's even implied that this is when Frasier realizes Niles and Daphne have a serious issue they need to deal with before they can have a realistic relationship. Fortunately Niles and Daphne are able to overcome their expectations and have a happy marriage by the end of the series.
  • When Frasier goes on vacation with the family and has a dream about Lana (while vacationing with Claire). He calls Lilith for her advice. Despite all the mockery and antagonism directed at her, she's a long-time, trusted friend and an excellent psychotherapist.
    Lilith: I love you, Frasier.
    Frasier: I love you too, Lilith.
  • When Niles has a panic attack as result of the stress in dealing with Maris killing her abusive boyfriend and the resulting news coverage, Roz immediately jumps to his defense and prevents the Cafe Nervosa staff from calling the cops after he strips naked in the middle of the shop. It's a pretty good demonstration of their Vitriolic Best Buds relationship.
  • Roz explaining that Wonder Woman really is her hero. Frasier is moved to sincerely apologize for his earlier dismissiveness.
    Frasier: All right, Roz, since you misunderstood tonight's theme, tell you what, why don't you answer this question as your true hero, whomever that may be.
    Roz: Actually, I didn't misunderstand anything. You made so much fun of my costume, I got so embarrassed, so I lied. Wonder Woman really is my hero. I mean, she's smart and beautiful, moral, and totally independent.
  • Niles and Daphne finally make it happen.
    Daphne: [bursting into the Winnebago after escaping out the bathroom window] Hello... I was wondering if you might be free for a date.
    Niles: Oh, my GOD, YES!

    Niles: Fasten your seatbelt, Daphne.
    Daphne: Fasten yours, Niles.
    Niles: [stupidly ecstatic grin]
  • From the episode "Good Samaritan," where Frasier gets punished at every turn for helping people that turn out to be inconsiderate jerks. Near the end he offers a lift to a woman standing out in the rain, only for "her" to turn out to be a male prostitute in drag. This results in him being humiliated throughout Seattle; as he tries to explain this all to Frederick, who's visiting, he admits that he was trying to do a good deed "but it was all a mistake." Frederick asks if this means that you shouldn't try to help people. ....Then we learn that this was all a worst-case-scenario in Frasier's head, and he soon after opens the door to let the woman in. Because there's no way he'll ever tell his son that you shouldn't help people.
    • A lesser moment is when Stephen calls in claiming people are talking to him through the radio. After Stephen gets distracted by the radio, Frasier plays along, claiming to be the radio and advising Stephen to seek counseling in the morning. It seems to work.
  • Donny's proposal speech to Daphne is absolutely beautiful, showcasing the clear depth of the love and devotion he has for her. He even notes that despite having every reason to be cynical about relationships, divorce court being his profession, he's lately started encouraging couples to reconcile, so that they might feel even a fraction of the happiness he has with Daphne. It's tragic in hindsight, given how their relationship turns out, but sweet nonetheless.
  • In "The First Temptation of Daphne", Daphne finds session notes in Niles' briefcase on a patient, Heather Murphy, who is apparently in love with Niles. He tries to explain the concept of transference to her - the premise that a patient near the beginning of therapy can sometimes misinterpret a therapist's concern as affection, and reciprocate the imagined feelings - but she can't shake her concern that she might have competition for Niles' affection, and eventually goes to Heather's office with Roz to see what she looks like. In the episode's final scene, she admits to Niles that she read Heather's file and visited her office; as the only emotion Niles feels more powerfully than his love for Daphne is his sense of duty to the psychiatric profession, he is livid at the breach of privacy Daphne's actions represent, and offended that she doesn't trust him. Until she explains that the reason she had to investigate Heather's apparent love for him:
    Niles: How could you possibly think there could be somebody else?!
    Daphne: ... because I was somebody else.
    Niles: ... what?
    Daphne: You were married to two other women while you claim to have been in love with me. Well - now that we're together, how can I be sure, REALLY sure that there won't ever be a somebody else?
    Niles: [reflexively] Because I would NEVER- [stops, and thinks, possibly for the first time, about this very question] Because this time it's different. Our love is different. It's not based on somebody's expectations, or, or... anything I'm supposed to be. When I was with Maris, or with Mel, I found myself thinking about you. Going about my day, or, uh... even when I was in a session. I found myself thinking about you. Well, now we're together... I find myself thinking about you. It's not going to stop.
    [Daphne and Niles hug]
    Niles: I'm still mad at you.
    Daphne: [with an ear-to-ear smile of pure relief] I know.
  • During "The Last Time I Saw Maris", after Maris has threatened to divorce Niles for finally calling her out on her mistreatment of him, she says that she'll take him back if he shoulders all the blame for her latest mistreatment of him. In spite of Frasier's advice (partly born of his marriage to Lilith), Martin tries to be neutral, telling Niles that if he decides to take the deal, the two will still support him. But not five seconds later, as Niles turns to the stairs leading to Maris...
    Martin: WHAT, ARE YOU NUTS?! You're gonna go groveling back to her after she walked all over you?!
    Niles: ...I was just getting my car keys.
    • He does so, and the three leave together.
  • Season 11's "Guns N' Neuroses" features Lilith's final appearance on the show. After spending some of the episode either avoiding or just missing each other, they meet up halfway through for what should be a brief time before heading out on their respective blind dates (not knowing that they've actually been matched up with one another). Invoking Poor Communication Kills, they accidentally canceling their dates with each other through phone calls to their intermediary and spend the rest of the night together. They then get into a situation where they have to counsel a nearby arguing couple, working together perfectly as a team to help the couple resolve their issues. When they're left alone again, Frasier and Lilith reveal that they each got canceled on and decide just to order room service and fall asleep on the couch. They wake up hastily, as Lilith has a plane to catch out of Seattle. As Frasier exits, the two talk about how the relationship has shaped their lives, underlining how, even if the marriage ended in divorce, the two still care about each other.
    Frasier: What would we think of each other if we were just meeting for the first time?
    Lilith: But if we hadn't met, we'd be different people now.
    Frasier: Ah, true. But, then, that raises many other questions. I mean, what sort of man would a non-Lilith Frasier be? What sort of woman would —
    Lilith: (rushing over to him) Did I mention I have a plane to catch?
    Frasier: Yes. Of course. (Opens the door to leave the apartment.)
    Lilith: But you're right. It was a lovely evening.
    Frasier: We do have our baggage, don't we? (chuckles) But, then, sometimes, that's what makes the trip so interesting.
    Lilith: With one hand, the past moves us forward, and with the other, it holds us back.
    (The two hug and Frasier kisses Lilith on the cheek.)
    Frasier: Goodbye, Lilith.
    Lilith: Goodbye, Frasier.
    (Frasier walks over to the elevator.)
    (Lilith stares at him meaningfully for a few seconds before closing the door.)
    (Frasier turns back to look at the door upon hearing it close, the elevator dings, and he smiles slightly before turning back around to step inside.)
  • After John Mahoney passed away in February 2018, Kelsey Grammer appeared on The Talk several days later and declared: "He was my father and I loved him." He explained that Mahoney played his father longer than he knew his own father and that he never had a brother either, meaning that his relationships with both men was very much like a Real Life counterpart.