Nightmare Fuel / Frasier

  • Frasier and Niles when under stress.
  • Maris. Just Maris. Besides being pale as a ghost and pathologically thin, she has a host of medical problems, many psychological difficulties, an extremely brittle personality, and appears to be a plastic surgery addict. She buckles Niles under her heel, terrifies her household staff, and is an adulterer. Imagine being married to this person.
  • Frasier dressed as a clown in the episode "Boo!".
  • The Episode when Diane Chambers comes back into Frasiers' life after Cheers. A well-known and versed radio psychologist, completely and utterly losing his sanity and screaming in absolute horror, as if witnessing the monstrosities of a few pages of H.P. Lovecraft, at the sight of the woman isn't enough to make the audience go "oh crap!", I don't know what would. His brother, Niles, even clears his busy schedule as Frasier barges into a session and reveals what happened.