Nightmare Fuel / Frasier

  • Frasier and Niles when under stress.
  • Maris. Just Maris. Besides being pale as a ghost and pathologically thin, she has a host of medical problems, many psychological difficulties, an extremely brittle personality, and appears to be a plastic surgery addict. She buckles Niles under her heel, terrifies her household staff, and is an adulterer. Imagine being married to this person.
  • Frasier dressed as a clown in the episode "Boo!".
  • The episode when Diane Chambers comes back into Frasier's life after Cheers. A well-known and versed radio psychologist, completely and utterly losing his sanity and screaming in absolute horror, as if witnessing the monstrosities of a few pages of H.P. Lovecraft, at the sight of the woman is enough to make the audience go "oh crap!" His brother, Niles, even clears his busy schedule as Frasier barges into a session and reveals what happened.