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Heartwarming: Fraggle Rock
  • The last two episodes. Everything about the message is perfect, it's like wrapping up the whole show in a ribbon, and it's what the whole show is about anyway; everything is connected, everything is magical. Learning Doc's name is a real highlight too.
  • In one episode, Doc and Sprocket were preparing for a blizzard. They saw Ned Shimmelfinny's cat, Fluffinella, in the cold, unable to get home. So Sprocket, despite his dislike of cats and Fluffinella's fear of him, let her stay with them until it cleared up, even sharing his doghouse. Fluffinella responded by cuddling against him and purring.
  • At least one per episode, all of them Awesome. Fraggle Rock ran on CMOHs.
  • The Song "We Are the Children of Tomorrow" gets everybody in the Rock to sing in unison, including Sprocket and Junior Gorg.
  • In "Let the Water Run," one of Uncle Matt's postcards, he tells Gobo about rain. In the flashback sequence, as he's being drenched, a little girl comes over to shield him with her umbrella. He gives her a courteous "Thank you." Simply touching.
    • Throughout the episode, Red keeps trying to do everything herself and refuses to accept any help. After Gobo reads Uncle Matt's postcard, she thinks she can restore the water by getting an umbrella. She tries to go to Doc's alone, but becomes too scared to enter the workshop. Then it turns out Gobo followed her.
      Red: Gobo, I need your help.
      Gobo: That's all I needed to hear.
  • "Wembley's Egg" deserves some special mention, where Wembley befriends a Baby Tree Creature (Bird) and tries to take care of him.

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