Heartwarming / Final Fantasy XII

  • Despite Larsa's position as Emperor of Archadia at the end of the game and their vast differences in social class, it's shown that he still communicates with Penelo through letters and eagerly anticipates a future visit from her. After losing almost everyone in his life, it's really nice to see that Larsa's friendship with Penelo is still going strong and serves as a source of happiness for him.
  • Penelo and Vaan reuniting aboard the Leviathan.
  • Gabranth's Redemption Equals Death.
  • Just before the last boss, when Venat basically tells Vayne: "I am proud of you, and I forsake my immortality this instant so you do not have to die alone."
  • One of Clan Centurio's toughest hunters, a large bangaa named Monid, is always shown in the clan hall speaking with a little hume boy. As it turns out, that young boy is the orphaned child of Monid's deceased friends, who were killed while hunting the Trickster mark in the Paramina Rift. Monid now takes care of the boy and is raising him as his own adoptive child.
    • He also fights alongside the main party during the Trickster hunt. All to avenge his fallen friends and bring some closure for their orphaned son.
    • The little boy is always at the hall, even when Monid is out on a hunt, so it's likely that the rest of Clan Centurio watches over the child when his adoptive guardian is out doing his job, too.
    • Speaking of Bangaas, Migelo's entire character is heartwarming. He looks after many of the city's orphans and goes out of his way to give them work where he can. He also freaks out when Penelo is kidnapped.
  • At Jahara, Ashe is contemplating what to do about the nethicite when she sees Rassler's spirit again and runs towards it before then running into Vaan. For the first time ever, the two have an honest to god talk about their fears, their pasts, and why Vaan decided to come along. He was frightened that he would begin to feel hollow and alone, simply wallowing in self-pity as his talk about being a sky pirate was something he knew he honestly could never achieve and he used it to keep his mind off his brother. He then tells Ashe that he knows he'll find his purpose in life if he follows her, leading Ashe to say "I wish I knew", but Vaan reaffirms that he'll find them. To many people, the scene may not be heartwarming, but simply the two characters treating one another as equals when Ashe had previously treated Vaan like shit and Vaan's complete trust in Ashe even when she is in doubt is something amazing.
    • In the same vein, atop the Pharos, Vaan tells Ashe (interrupting her speech) that he knows she's going to destroy the nethicite, she responds back softly "Don't interrupt Vaan", which doesn't seem like much, right? However, "don't interrupt" had been Ashe's catchphrase for most of the early game, usually said scathingly to Vaan or the other party members. But this time, she sounds nostalgic and happy, if a little bit sad. It highlights just how far Ashe had come and how well those two now know one another.
  • There's a little one when you take the Wyvern Lord mark. The person who hires you turns out to be one of those good-for-nothing-Archadian-imperialist-scum-soldiers that have been occupying Rabanastre. However, the soldier hiring you explains that he saw the dragon while on patrol, but his peers and superiors thought that if it attacked the town, they'd take care of it then. The soldier, fearing for the civilian casualties that would result and believing them to be inevitable, pays out of his own pocket for the dragon to be put down. It soon becomes clear that this goes well beyond Even Evil Has Standards; he as a law enforcement officer cares for Rabanastre and its people, and isn't just one of the generic Faceless Goons.
    • It's the last bit of dialogue before the hunt starts proper that's truly heartwarming: "This has naught to do with the Empire. I want you to hunt this Wyvern Lord for me!" You can't help but smile and think to yourself: "Alright, sure."
  • Vaan and Penelo's reaction to Balthier and Fran reclaiming the Strahl at the end. Penelo jumps on Vaan and forces him to give her a piggyback ride.
    • Bonus points for Balthier's note, which includes Ashe's wedding ring and asks Vaan and Penelo to return it for him.
  • As you complete the mark hunts in Nalbina, you repeatedly run into a Seeq who has been listening to everyone's problems in the town. When he sees Vaan, always runs off without a word. When you've finished the last hunt and you speak to him, you find out his personal hero bailed him out of some trouble with the law four years back and that same person died during the king's assassination. Finally, he says that Vaan looks like his old hero. That's right, Reks helped him out back then and Vaan now has the same place in his heart!
  • At one point in the game, Balthier confides in Ashe about how his father, Dr. Cid, became obsessed with nethicite to the point of losing his mind. Then he tells her this:
    Balthier: Don't become slave to a stone, princess. You're better than that.
  • In the beginning, Ashe appears annoyed by Vaan and Penelo sticking with the party and their immature behavior. When the party arrives in Archades, Ashe watches the pair with warm smile as they see the capital for the first time and tease Basch.