Quotes: Final Fantasy XII

Ashe: Across the Sandsea, to The Valley of the Dead. And to King Raithwall’s Tomb below.
Vaan: (chatting with Penelo) So, when you’re in Jagd, Skystone don’t work at all. That’s why we gotta hoof it the rest of the way, ya see?
Penelo: Happy you get to teach me something for a change?
Vaan: Well, if you want to be a Sky Pirate, you have to know your—Hey! What do you mean, “For a change”?
Balthier: At least we thought to bring entertainment.

Al-Cid: Al-Cid Margrace, at your service. To think I stand before the Lady Ashe. It is truly an honor. (He kisses her hand.) I see it is true after all. Ah, stunning is Dalmasca’s desert bloom.
Larsa: (looking disgusted) Errh!

Larsa left a message. “The differences between our two lands will fade before the shared dream of men.”
Al-Cid relates a message left by Larsa.