Heartwarming: Child's Play

For the film series:
  • In Bride of Chucky, Tiffany asks her neighbor Jesse to help her with a trunk in her car. Little does he know the trunk contains a recent victim of her boyfriend, Chucky. Because he broke her heart earlier, Tiffany tries to move on and flirt with Jesse, who politely rejects her, stating he already has a girlfriend. Rather than adhere to the stereotype of the serial killer ex, she takes it well and even offers Jesse useful advice that would help the relationship last. This would later prove too useful, though, when he points out the flaw in Tiffany and Chucky's marriage, which causes the killer couple to fight, saving the sweet innocent couple.
  • The Stinger in Curse of Chucky assures us that for all the crap Chucky gave Andy and his mom throughout the first three films, the two have finally managed to live a normal, happy life. And when Chucky tries to kill him again, well...let's say Andy's prepared this time.
  • Meta example: In The Stinger for Curse of Chucky, Andy is still portrayed by the same actor, now Hes All Grown Up.