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Funny: Child's Play
  • The scene where Chucky is on the elevator. This old couple notices him.
    Old Woman: Look George, some child left their doll in the elevator.
    Old Man/George: Leave him alone, whoever left it will come back looking for it.
    [They leave]
    Old Woman: Ugly doll.
    Chucky: Fuck you.
  • When Karen threatens to throw Chucky into the fireplace, causing him to spring to life.
  • Hi, I'm...*beat* Tommy!"
  • (after killing Britany Spears) "Oops, I did it again!"
  • In the second movie, when Kyle get's pulled over, a cop notices Chucky. Admiring Good Guy Dolls, he asks him his name. What makes it priceless is that Chucky, in a slightly deadpan tone, answers in his real voice rather than the childish voice all Good Guy Dolls have.
    • That entire scene actually, is a Mood Whiplash moment; just after Chucky takes Kyle hostage it cuts to them in a car, with Chucky telling her to drive faster, and she tells him thats as fast as the car gets. Then the police come and he tells her to play it cool.
      • When the cop sees Chucky's bloody nose he is quick to question it, though Kyle relies on Refuge in Audacity and it works.
    Kyle: You know the dolls that piss themselves? This one bleeds.
  • Glen giving his name as "Shitface" followed by Chucky's hysterical laughter.
  • In Seed, when Chucky axes through the door and peers through the hole like a certain character played by Jack Nicholson, instead of saying "Heeeeeere's Chucky!" like everyone expects, he says, "I can't think of a thing to say!"
    • When Glen asks Chucky if violence is bad, Chuck "corrects" him by telling him the saying is "Violins are bad. That damn screechy music's gonna ruin the whole country."
  • The factory technician in the second movie who has to repair the stalled eye assembly device - and gets a new pair of eyes in the process.
  • Chucky accidentally giving Colonel Cochrane a heart attack in the third film. His reaction is gold.
  • "Women. Can't live with them. . . period. Hehehehaha!"
  • From the third film, Chucky says to Tyler: "Tampering with the mail is a federal offense!" Coming from a psychotic serial killer, this is just priceless.
  • Tiffany's thoughts on pregnancy:
    Tiffany: Once is a blessing. Twice is a curse.
    Chucky: That would explain your sister...
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