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Nightmare Fuel: Child's Play
  • Burned. Chucky.
  • When Chucky speaks (in the doll voice) after Andy's mom realizes there are no batteries in him.
  • The deleted scene in the second film that shows Chucky's head being rebuilt.
  • The scene where Chucky, shortly after he is shot through the heart, says his dying words at the end of the first movie. His voice changes from his menancing human one to the cheerful Good Guy doll voicebox during the last two words. Which are spoken from the doll's charred head that moments prior were blown off from the doll's body. And just to top it off, the doll's voicebox draws out the very last word, appropriately sounding like the "battery" of a doll dying out as it does. It is exceedingly creepy beyond words.
    Chucky: Hi. I'm Chucky! Wanna plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay....?
  • The third movie, when Chucky's on the computer in a dimly lit office. His reflection is really ugly at that moment, even for Chucky!
  • Chucky's death sequence in the second movie. He deserved it, but DAMN.
    • To this troper, the entire bout in the Good Guy Doll warehouse scene was Nightmare Fuel. Especially on the Karmadic justifications that the main villain receives throughout the whole entire ordeal (having his hand severed, getting his lower ligaments attached 'painfully' to a doll stand by an air powered stapler, having hot molten Fucking plastic poured out onto him). The aftermath is ungodly, yet it has a bit of lace Nightmare Retardant thrown into the final climax. Chucky's head is "inflated" to comedic proportions and appears to be not attached to his body for the big KABOOM in the end.
  • Meta example: The concept of the film to any child who had dolls.
  • The first appearance of Glen's Glenda persona. If Chucky is freaked out by her, you know something is wrong.
  • When Andy is locked up in the asylum. This kid is able to relax for a bit as despite where he is, he's at least away from Chucky. But then he sees Chucky coming for him out from his window. He tries to get the Doctor's attention, but the doctor doesn't believe him. So all he could do for now is huddle in a corner and cry knowing how screwed he is.
  • Several of the death scenes in the series can make watchers feel uneasy. The aforementioned Doctor's death, being eletrocuted until blood comes out of his eyesockets, the businessman being suffocated in his car on the second film, the garbage man being crushed in his own truck, Joan being burned alive....
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