Awesome / Child's Play

  • What Chucky says in Child's Play 3:
  • What Andy tells Chucky towards the end of the first film.
    Chucky: (when about to be burnt up in the chimney) Andy, no, please. We're friends till the end. Remember?
    Andy: This IS the end, friend. (lights him on fire)
  • Let's play a game; Chucky says move your ass.
  • Whitehurst's Heroic Sacrifice in the third movie by Jumping on a Grenade.
    • Indeed. He'd been suffering the emotional abuse of his Jerkass cadet leader for quite some time before the film began, so a moment of true courage showed just how unbreakable his spirit was.
  • DeSilva standing up to Shelton and completely showing him up when ordered to do one-handed push-ups.
    • "I said 'You asshole' sir!"
  • The Stinger of Curse of Chucky - Jennifer mails Chucky to Andy Barclay, who's now in his early 30s and presumably married to DeSilva from the 3rd movie. Just as he knifes his way out of the package, Andy points a shotgun at his face, cocks it, then says "Play with this." before pulling the trigger.
    • What makes this scene truly satisfying to watch is how Chucky expects to be able to torture (and presumably, try to kill) Andy like he did when the latter was a child and a teenager. When Chucky turns around and sees Andy pointing the shotgun at him, he can only say, terrified "Andy!" before Andy shoots him. After so many years, it's Chucky's turn to be the helpless one.
      • Also, Andy isn't pulling any punches either. Rather than quickly kill him, even though he knows the heart is Chucky's weakness, he has the gun aimed at his face. Andy intends to make Chucky suffer the way Chucky made him suffer.
    • Awesome on a more meta level is that they got Alex Vincent to reprise the role of Andy Barclay for the first time since Child's Play 2 in 1990 (not including the archived footage in Child's Play 3).
  • How can anyone forget Nica's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Chucky in Curse? She's a wheelchair bound paraplegic who's at a major disadvantage, yet still had the balls to give Chucky a cruel lesson in why he's a complete fuck-up.
  • In Cult of Chucky, after nearly 30 years and 7 movies, Chucky finally succeeds in possessing someone: Nica.