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    The film series 
  • Accidental Innuendo: In the first one, Chucky tells the witch doctor he has a date with a 6-year-old boy.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: In Curse, did Tiffany send Chucky to Andy on his orders alone or was she still pissed off about the events of Seed that she sent him knowing Andy would be ready for him?
  • Awesome Music: The second film's terrorizing and brooding, yet Creepy Awesome orchestral music score by then-unknown Graeme Revell (with help from a conductor who happened to be Danny Elfman's frequent collaborator in his early years, the late great Shirley Walker) that crosses between a 70's horror Bernard Herrmann, Marco Beltrami's Scream (which the first film was released six years later after this film), Roque Baños' Evil Dead (2013) (which was released twenty three years later also after this film) and a Darker and Edgier Danny Elfman (in contrast to Joe Renzetti's Unintentional Period Piece 80's electronic score of the first film) helps create an intense, creepy and scary mood for the film and makes it sound like it came out of a Wes Craven horror film in the likes of Shocker (the atmosphere only, not the music as the score for that film by William Goldstein was an electronic score in contrast to Revell's work on Child's Play 2), The People Under the Stairs (which Revell himself had scored additional music for) and the Scream films.
  • Character Rerailment: After being flanderized to the point of becoming Stupid Evil in most sequels, Chucky is returned to his first movie's more pragmatic characterizations in Curse of Chucky.
  • Complete Monster: Charles Lee Ray, later known as the killer doll Chucky, was a notorious serial killer when alive, and in death has used voodoo to possess a doll to escape his fate. Chucky proceeds to murder his owner's babysitter because she annoys him, and hunts down, tortures and murders his old voodoo teacher to get information on how to become human again before trying to tear out his six-year-old owner's soul and possess him. Throughout the films, Chucky commits many more murders for his own amusement and replaces blanks with real ammo at a military camp war games training solely to enjoy the chaos. Even when the films briefly turned comedic, Chucky remained heartless as ever, murdering his own wife when she tried to leave him, with no remorse. When Curse of Chucky brought the series back to horror, Chucky sends himself to unsuspecting families to destroy them and was revealed, as Charles Lee Ray, to have even stabbed a pregnant woman to cripple her unborn daughter after she rejected his advances. Despite his sense of humor, Chucky has always remained a sadistic, murderous monster and has only grown worse over time.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Aside from the Killer Doll Chucky possessed by a soul of a deranged Serial Killer who's after an initially helpless innocent victim who happens to be The Hero, who of course is a Hero with Bad Publicity thanks to the doll's antics himself, the overall universe within a film franchise is a social mess of a Crapsack World that is not even friendly towards the protagonists (even if the protagonist is a child like Andy Barclay in the first and second films) and most if not all of Chucky's victims are either Asshole Victims or Too Dumb to Live Flat Earth Atheists that makes The Hero of each installment the Only Sane Man in comparison.
  • Evil Is Cool: Chucky of course, follow by Tiffany and Glenda.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Fans who demand that a concept of a killer doll be taken seriously tend to ignore Seed of Chucky, and to some Bride of Chucky
    • Canon Discontinuity: Averted with Curse Of Chucky. At first it seems to take place after Child's Play 3, but then comes the attic scene....
  • Foe Yay: Even though Chucky is old enough to be Andy's father, some of their scenes kinda drift into this territory.
  • Fridge Horror: What would've happened to Andy's soul had Chucky succeeded in stealing his body? We can assume he either would've effectively died and gone to heaven (as Chucky implied in 2 near the film's climax), or spent the rest of his life trapped in the doll's body.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Seed of Chucky features Hannah Spearitt working on a film set as a PA for actors, one of whom includes Jason Flemyng. Fast forward a few years where Hannah would again be working for Jason on Primeval.
  • Iconic Character, Forgotten Title: Most people refer to the movies as "Chucky" after the main character rather than "Child's Play".
  • Idiot Plot: Seed of Chucky reveals that the dolls used for the in-universe film were Chucky and Tiffany's original doll-bodies, which just seems insanely impractical considering animatronics requires more intricate machinery than children's dolls would allow (especially dolls that were flesh and blood by that point). If the studio had made a completely new set of dolls for filming, then Glen's revival ritual would have failed and the plot would have stopped there.
    • Actually, Chucky has been reconstructed many times, ranging from charred remains to liquid blood mixed with wax. Its entirely possible that the studio retrieved the dolls from the murders and used SOME parts of them to create the animatronics. Tiffany does comment on the fact they had makeovers when Glen first awakens them.
  • Magnificent Bastard: When he dropped the Villain Ball, Chucky sure had no problem playing everyone like a fiddle in Child's Play 3. Up to, and including, him arranging for the Red Team to shoot members of the Blue Team to death, and attempting to blow them all up in the ensuing chaos. Would have gotten away with it had it not been for a Heroic Sacrifice by one of the supporting characters.
  • Memetic Molester: Chucky, full stop.
    I have a date with a 6-year-old boy.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Mrs. Kettlewell, the abusive Sadist Teacher in 2, crosses it when she refused to let Andy leave the class after being wrongly accused of writing FUCK YOU BITCH on his assignment, and locked him in the classroom. She even stated earlier that she punishes new students more severely.
    • Psychs crosses it when he threatens to kill Glen by setting him on fire if he doesn't toughen up. This is even more shocking, as we find out that he locked Glen in a cage for six straight years.
    • Glenda crossed it when she killed Joan, by burning her to death. What makes it worse was when she reveals how she enjoys being a psychopath. Even Chucky and Tiffany were shocked to hear this.
    • Chucky was revealed to have crossed it before the first film by stabbing Sarah, Nica's mother. This caused Nica to grow up unable to walk.
  • Narm: In the 1980s, Charles Lee Ray's long black hair, black suit and black trenchcoat look was fine and dandy. In the post-The Room world, the return of this look in Curse of Chucky has the potential to lead to a bit of momentary confusion, as Dourif in the get-up now heavily resembles the infamous Tommy Wiseau.
    • The incredible amount of punishment Chucky takes is rather at odds with the line from the first film that he couldn't survive anything that would kill a human. You have to wonder why that line was even put in if, even within that same film, they had no intention of sticking with the rule.
      • Not quite at odds with that. It is said that to kill Chucky, they have to destroy his heart. While none of the other movies use this tidbit, it would seem that Chucky is briefly entirely immortal when he is fresh in the doll, then as time progresses he can be hurt (shot, stabbed, etc) which causes damage (bleeding) all without causing death. Only when his heart is human can he be killed. This would be in line with all the other movies as Chucky usually dies at the end when he's been in the doll for the longest period.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Andy in The Stinger of "Curse of Chucky". Just look at the sheer number of tropes for it, at least one per page and far more on the main one than the rest of the film.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Bride of Chucky features Katherine Heigl years before her breakout role in Grey's Anatomy.
  • The Scrappy: Ronald Tyler in the third movie.
    • To explain this, he is a little kid who lives at the Military School and constantly gets special privileges. He also knows Chucky is alive and believes literally everything Chucky tells him, and refuses to listen to Andy's warnings claiming he jealous of his and Chucky's friendship.
      • It also doesn't help that while we're never told his age in the film he's clearly too old to believe whatever Chucky says(the actor was 10 when the film was released) at least Andy had the excuse of having just turned 6.
  • Spiritual Adaptation: The second film in the series can be considered to be the closest to Wes Craven directing an installment in the franchise.
    • Speaking of Craven, Bride can be considered a Scream film featuring killer dolls, due to its horror film Shout-Out humor and the poster advertising the fourth installment parodying the Scream 2 poster.
  • Squick: The uncomfortable Accidental Innuendo of Chucky saying "I have a date with a six-year-old boy." Even though he meant that he was going to switch bodies with Andy, it's still creepy the way that line was set up.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: Curse of Chucky is considered as this by those who disliked Bride and Seed, thanks to returning to the horror elements of the first three movies and making Chucky recover from his Villain Decay.
  • Uncanny Valley: The Chucky doll itself is just as unsettling when it's not moving around or acting sentient. But compared to Tiffany, Chucky looks normal.
    • The extended ending of the second film takes it Up to Eleven. We see Chucky's head and head alone reconstructed, no eyes, empty, undetailed mouth. It sits there for a moment, and then smiles to remind us that Chucky won't stay dead.
    • Curse Of Chucky in particular has a few unique moments, due to the better quality CGI and animatronics of this age. Chucky at times has a very strange look when you he is just about to move
  • The Woobie: Andy, oh so much. Not only does he lose his mother and have a killer doll trying to steal his body for 3 (well okay, 2.5) movies, no one believes him and some even imply that he is the killer. Not to mention all the characters in 2 and 3 who constantly treat him like crap likely because of his bad reputation of him implying to be the killer.
    • Glen is another example, when he finds out that his parents are serial killers.
    • Whitehurst in 3, who is a wimpy Butt-Monkey constantly being bullied by others.
    • Nica in Curse, who has a Big Sister Bully who tries to swindle her of her home out of greed, is born paraplegic due to her mother getting her womb stabbed by Charles Lee Ray right before she was born and is then Wrongly Accused of murder.

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