For the film series:
* In the television cut of ''Child's Play 2'', Phil and Joanne's interaction scenes, which exhibits Phil's PetTheDog moments and shows he's not really a straight {{Jerkass}} that the theatrical cut interprets, but a JerkWithAHeartOfGold who genuinely loves his wife Joanne and his ObstructiveBureaucrat-ish suggestions to send Andy back to the Crisis Center was steering more towards to while Phil has nothing for Andy unlike his wife, he also has nothing against him, making himself clear that he is just unconfident that he and his wife could take care of such a troubled child. Unfortunately, the editors for the theatrical cut had to throw it all away, making Phil a straight HateSink and looking like that Phil wants to send him back because he ''does'' have something against him, unlike the TV cut's interpretation, and [[spoiler:his death appearing to be [[AssholeVictim less tragic]] then the television version]].
** Kyle developing a [[BigBrotherInstinct Big Sister Instinct]] towards Andy after viewing him as an annoyance at first.
* In ''Bride of Chucky'', Tiffany asks her neighbor Jesse to help her with a trunk in her car. Little does he know the trunk contains a recent victim of her boyfriend, Chucky. Because he broke her heart earlier, Tiffany tries to move on and flirt with Jesse, who politely rejects her, stating he already has a girlfriend. Rather than adhere to the stereotype of the serial killer ex, she takes it well and even offers Jesse useful advice that would help the relationship last. This would later prove too useful, though, when he points out the flaw in Tiffany and Chucky's marriage, which causes the killer couple to fight, saving the sweet innocent couple.
* In ''Seed of Chucky'', Tiffany's instant concern for Glen upon meeting him ("Where are your mother and father?"), and subsequent reaction to finding out that [[LukeYouAreMyFather he is her and Chucky's son]]. In the previous film, it had been hinted a couple times that she didn't just want to be a wife, she wanted to be a ''mother'', so when she discovers that that dream has become a reality, the first thing she says to him is an overjoyed "Come to Mommy!", and gives him a big hug. And as the film goes on, she is the one that fully accepts that Glen doesn't want to be a killer, and even tries to turn over a new leaf herself for the sake of her child.
* TheStinger in ''Curse of Chucky'' assures us that [[spoiler:for all the crap Chucky gave Andy and his mom throughout the first three films, [[EarnYourHappyEnding the two have finally managed to live a normal, happy life]]. And when Chucky tries to kill him again, well...[[CrowningMomentOfAwesome let's say Andy's prepared this time]]]].
* Meta example: In TheStinger for ''Curse of Chucky'', [[spoiler:Andy is still portrayed by the same actor, now HeIsAllGrownUp]].