Headscratchers / New Super Mario Bros. Wii

  • If that's the Kamek from Yoshi's Island, shouldn't he be old by now?
  • Technically, shouldn't it have been New Super Mario Bros. 2? note 
    • Maybe they're saving that name for when they actually make another game that uses the same formula as Super Mario Bros. 2. (The international Super Mario Bros. 2, I should say. I don't know what they'd call it in Japan.)
    • The core Mario titles usually don't have numbers. Spinoffs and remakes are another story, but the core titles dropped them a while ago. Super Mario Bros. 4 is Super Mario World, but that makes Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island into Super Mario Bros. 5, and that would get really confusing if it was allowed to continue, so Nintendo basically gave up with the numbers. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is an anomaly, but it's also the first Mario game released on the same console as its predecessor since the NES.
    • NSMB2 has been announced as the title of a 3DS game... huh?
      • Word of God states that it's considered a "direct" sequel to the original New Super Mario Bros on the DS, by virtue of also being a handheld title on the direct successor of the previous handheld system. Taking this into account, New Super Mario Bros U is likely considered the same for New Super Mario Bros Wii, by virtue of being a title on the successor to the Wii.
    • Ahem. Also Super Title 64 Advance is very common amungst Nintendo games.
  • How are characters that aren't Mini able to get into the Mini Pipes along with those that are?
    • Magic.
    • Off screen they used bubbles.
  • I play this game with my younger sister and older brother, and we both cant figure out how the HELL you are supposed to get some of the coins without having 2 or more people. Half of them require one of us to jump into a bottomless pit, then use the A-buttion-bubble at the last minute.
    • All coins are reachable with only one player. Coins partway down a pit can be reached by throwing shells at them or by using the helicopter hat to jump out of the pit.
  • Maybe I'm missing something, but is there a reason this game uses Yoshi's Story type physics? I found it sluggish and artificially difficult compared to the crisp, instant-response platforming physics of the old games it was obviously homaging.
    • Playing Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World before this one, I thought this was easier besides the last two worlds, toad rescues and being less forgiving on ice. Didn't notice much difference either besides a worse spin jump. If the physics really are less responsive you are still able to spin in air and Yoshi can flutter kick. Maybe that's why?
  • How does Peach know about the secret world?
    • Mario logic. It's basically the same thing as the ending of the first 7 of the original SMB's castles. I mean, do you really think the Toad is just standing there the entire time, waiting for you, just to tell you that the princess is in another castle?