Funny / New Super Mario Bros. Wii

  • Some of the runthrough videos you can buy with the Star Coins end up being this. For example, 1-3 has Mario and the Toads using Yoshis to relay Luigi across the level to get easy 1Ups.
  • Playing the game with multiple people quickly becomes this, especially if you can round up a full 4.
    • In multiplayer, if all players bubble at the same time (or if the only active player bubbles), the level's music grinds to a halt, Mario and friends lazily drift offscreen, and a jingle plays that sounds like the game is saying "why did you do that, you idiots?"
  • The first battle with Iggy in World 5.
  • Bowser Jr. getting left behind in Worlds 4 and 6 and discovering his father's Koopa Clown Car and subsequently kicking away his own, still battle-damaged from previous bouts with Mario. Also, the castle falling on Bowser at the very end.
  • From the ending, Luigi falling down when attempting to lean on the gondola of a balloon that had already taken off.