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Headscratchers: Super Mario Galaxy 2
  • Why is it that the Thwomps, Whomps, and Tox Boxes can crush Mario stone dead with just one pound while Giant Bowser's punch does standard damage to Mario? You'd think his size should count for something.
    • Have you seen those guys? The way they crush the ground, you'd think they were made of lead. Their attacks hit HARD (the Mario Party game "Cardiators" puts a Thwomp impact as the absolute strongest attack among major Mario enemies). But they're slow and predictable. Bowser himself can't hit as hard, but he's highly adaptable, can strategize on the fly, and can actually attack in more than one way and without a rhythm.
  • How do the Piantas who live in that space island known as Starshine Beach Galaxy get food to eat?
    • I'm guessing they live completely on the Dash Peppers and Blimp Fruit that grow there?
      • Seems kind of a pain to get blown up into a balloon after every meal.
      • Maybe the fruits only affect Yoshis?
    • They also seem to lack any noticeable houses.
  • Super Mario Galaxy opens at the Star Festival, which happens every hundred years, right? And Super Mario Galaxy 2 ... also opens at the Star Festival, which happens every hundred years? Are these Generation Xerox characters a hundred years later? Or is it still the same Star Festival, and Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser twice in the same night? (I haven't finished the first game yet, so if that provides some sort of explanation, apologies.)
    • Mario and Co and immortal, duh.
    • Wasn't the universe destroyed and recreated at the end of the first game? I'm thinking it was created a little younger than the original was destroyed.
      • Yeah, what the above poster said. I was under the impression that the end of Galaxy 1 was a big Reset Button that threw Mario back to the point the game started from, with the exceptions of Bowser's attacking and the newly-formed Galaxy.

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