Funny / Wing Commander

  • Action Stations: Jesus, Geoff, you puked in my lap!
  • End Run: Bugs Bunny screws his mother!
  • Fleet Action: Kirha is asked what he thinks of the Kilrathi Empire's offer of peace to the Terran Confederation:
  • The Price Of Freedom: Blair learns that Maniac had been passed over for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, in part because Confed leadership felt uncomfortable promoting an officer whose callsign reflected their state of mind. Blair reflects that this is one of the few times he ever agreed with their policies.
    • From the same book, The Reveal that Blair has retired to a farm on an arid backwater planet, hoping to enjoy a quiet peaceful life. Only to learn he's a terrible farmer and arid backwater planets are soul-crushingly boring.
    • Blair is trying to remember which button to push to receive a call (it has been a long time since anyone bothered to call him), and accidentally cues up a message about an incoming asteroid from many months ago that Blair never figured out how to delete.

Video Games

  • The Price of Freedom has Maniac get into a argument with resident marine badass Dekker. As they are about to come to blows Blair is presented with a choice: "Maniac's gonna get creamed," which will lead to him intervening, or "This I gotta see," which has him lean back with a smirk as Maniac gets...well decked.
  • If you take a certain path in the game Blair will find Panther inspecting a gun, bringing up Maniac not being able to take no for an answer. Blair can either promise to talk to him, or laugh it off. Either way during a later serious incident Blair addresses this.
    "And while we're at it, Panther's going to do some surgery below the belt unless you learn to keep your hormones to yourself."
  • One scene has Maniac (yes, who else?) making small talk with Intrepid's helmswoman. Maniac ends up bumping into the ship's control panel, sending the entire carrier lurching sideways. The scene is capped off by Maniac attempting to play it cool while the helmswoman is visibly trying not to laugh.
  • Maniac is at again in Prophecy!
    • A few missions in, Maniac is finally given command of a wing, much to his surprise/delight. Hawk feels the need to toy with his awestruck state.
    Maniac: I've always wanted this.
    Hawk: To be a leader?
    Maniac: Yeah...
    Hawk: To be in command?
    Maniac: Yeah...
    Hawk: To be the one they string up when your wing screws the pooch on a mission?
    Maniac: Yea- Wait, what!
  • Blair's situation at the start of The Price of Freedom bears more than a bit of a resemblance to where we find him at the start of the new Star Wars trilogy: Having defeated the Emperor at the end of the original trilogy, he has gone into a form of self-exile on a distant planet, where one of the other heroes has to come retrieve him when he is needed again. This wouldn't be all that funny except that The Price of Freedom came out nearly 20 years before The Force Awakens.

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