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  • "Give them a broadside, Mister Gerard!"

Video Games
  • Stating the obvious, but the final mission series in Wing Commander 3 is a highlight for the entire series: four Excaliburs, fighting through a hundred or more fighters and capital ships, a chance to end Prince Thrakhath's boasting once and for all, and finally nuking Kilrah itself which ends the decades long Terran-Kilrathi war.
  • In the first game, where the player has the chance to destroy not just one, but two Kilrathi Snakeir-class carriers in defense of the Firekka. Your commanding officer is nothing short of astounded if you complete the task.
  • Blair finally proving the existence of Kilrathi stealth fighters right before the final climactic battle at K'tithrak Mang. After a decade of having been wrongly scapegoated for the loss of the Tiger's Claw, admonished by a countless many including several of his own comrades and marooned on a space station while the war continued to rage unchecked, Blair finally clears his name and comes roaring back onto the frontlines to once again save humanity from certain disaster.
  • Based on Blair's evidence Angel questions Jazz and quickly figures out he's the traitor. He pulls a gun but she doesn't panic for a second, instead fighting him off and forcing him to flee. She later comes back and tractor beams him in, after Blair blows up his ship so he can stand trial rather that have him executed in cold blood, as she likely would have dearly wanted after what he pulled.
  • Vagabond punching out his old boss Dr. Severin during his rescue in the third game; reckless as it was, it was some well-deserved payback for the millions who had died in the scientist's many callous demolitions tests earlier in their careers.
    • Doubly so as Severin's rescue allows the Confederation to complete the Temblor Bomb, the weapon that would spell the end of Kilrah.
  • Blair's race to warn the Assembly of the Black Lance, with the Vesuvius hot on the tail of the significantly smaller and poorly-armed Intrepid. Just when they close in for the kill, Captain Eisen rockets onto the scene aboard the supercarrier's sister ship, attacking the Vesuvius head on and buying Blair the precious time he and his crew need to reach Earth.
    • One must also note that Eisen hijacked the vessel clean out of its drydock, with a skeleton crew and unfinished weapons systems, doing battle against a superior enemy. In short, Eisen routed the enemy flying an incomplete ship.
  • The senate hearing in Wing Commander IV, when Admiral Tolwyn and Blair are arguing on the senate floor and discussing Seether:
    Admiral Tolwyn: He's more of a warrior than you will ever be, Colonel. He is excellence personified. He is...
    Blair: He is dead!
    • A Crowning Moment of Awesome for actor Malcolm McDowell, as well, as Tolwyn reacts to Blair as if he's just been punched in the gut.
    • A smaller one goes to Paladin, who in spite of Blair's actions against the Confederation does not hesitate to let his former comrade speak, not under armed guard but free to confront Tolwyn on his own terms as the Assembly listens.
    • The entire scene is especially impressive as it is a battle fought through words instead of guns, and Blair is able to beat Admiral Tolwyn at his own game, convincing the entire Assembly of his deceit and ultimately rejecting the war declaration.

  • In Action Stations, a major Confederation base is subjected to a massive surprise attack by the Kilrathi Empire. Despite being taken almost entirely by surprise, the Confederates put up a noble fight, including a single Terran battleship going toe-to-tie with three Kilrathi battleships to cover the retreat of the surviving carriers. One of the Kilrathi battleships is destroyed directly by enemy fire. The other two are severely damaged in the firefight and end up being caught in the explosion of the Terran battleship and are destroyed or crippled as a result. The Terran battleship skipper's last transmission is lampshaded for seeming a bit cliche, if no doubt inspired:

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