Funny / Winx Club
Man, the Trix were different as kids.

  • In Episode 1x12, Stella enters a beauty pageant and the Trix sabotage it by messing up all of the contestants' performances. It's mean, but very funny.
    • Made even better by Faragonda being among the public and did nothing, implying that the Trix's sabotage was actually part of the contest.
  • Pretty much every scene where the Trix are at Lightrock Monastery and they completely lose it due to the overly happy attitude.
    • When the prison guards come to bring them back in: the Trix beg for anything but that.
  • There were many funny moments in season 2, many involving Princess Amentia.
    Amentia: (Inspecting some of her servants) How revolting! You've got five seconds to fix your hair, or I'll shred you with my nails, dip you in sewage, fry you in acid, and finally, I'll cancel your health insurance!
    • Even funnier in the Norwegian dub where the last part of the threat is that she'll eat up their health insurance.
    • The moment at the end of S2 episode 6, where after Amore's magic helps Amentia realize that it's Sponsus she truly loves, she and Sponsus run towards each other, with Amentia knocking over all of her bridesmaids like bowling pins in the process.
  • Another one from the same episode as above. As the episode starts, Bloom, Sky and Aisha are trying to reason with Stella, who's intent on rescuing Brandon from Amentia and refuses to listen to them (they're trying to tell her it's better to come up with a plan rather than just barge in like hotheads). At one point, Chatta attempts to try to talk to her, but Stella just screams at her and sends her flying. A few seconds later, Stella gets so fed up with them trying to reason with her that she walks up to Sky and snatches the flashlight right out of Sky's hand (In 4kids, she says as she's pretty much seething with rage, "I'm going in! Okay?! You can come or you can stay!"). In the Rai English version, Digit tells Amore, "Good luck. You got the crazy one." In 4kids, she says, "Amore, I do not envy you being bonded to her. (The RAI comment is funnier, of course). Amore seems to be oblivious to everything that just happened and simply considers it romantic that Stella is so intent on rescuing her boyfriend (which it kind of is, but for goodness sake, Stella needs to calm down!).
  • In Episode 3x12, after Flora earns her Enchantix and has the willow tree throw the Trix in a magical river. They emerge as children and Bloom threatens them with time-outs (Rai English) or spankings (4kids), scaring them and making them run off.
    • Even funnier in some of the other dubs; in the Dutch one, Bloom threatens to make them go back even further. Suddenly their terror makes much more sense.
  • In episode 2x8, there's this exchange when Bloom, looking for professor Avalon walks up to the Trix, who are in disguise at the time:
    Bloom: Excuse me, but have you seen a tall handsome professor around here?
    Icy: No, only short and ugly ones!
  • Stella repeatedly knocking over the microphone stand during her duet with Musa in episode 2x15.
    • Don't forget she also fell twice!
  • There's a moment in Episode 1x07, where the girls are forced to stay at Alfea while the rest of the school attends a concert. Part of their punishment is to clean the whole school, so they call the boys over and have a "cleaning party". At one point, Kiko is playing in the suds and spinning a hairbrush (I think). He accidentally tosses it and it hits Sky's dog in the head. The look on Kiko's face when he sees the dog looking at him is priceless and he even tries to walk away coolly, as if nothing happened.
  • In the episode where they visit Linphea, Stella runs to try and catch a glass that flung out of her hands and ends up crashing into a wooden pole. Ouch!
  • In season 4, when the girls temporarily stay in Bloom's Earth home. Poor Mike was being inadvertently made a Butt-Monkey at the girls' hands. This includes:
    • Tripping over Aisha's exercise equipment.
    • Getting solar flared in the face to to an "upgrade" on the TV remote by Tecna.
    • Accidentally shaved part of his hair due to Musa suddenly playing her music loud.
    • Nearly getting eaten/entangled by one of Flora's plants.
    • Also, there was one bathroom, and Stella uses it just to phone gossip.
  • Same season, the girls attempt to get jobs, but get fired soon after, mostly due to Stella.
  • In episode 4x8:
    Stella: *excited* I'll drive! I'll drive! In Solaria, they never let me drive anything. They say I don't have a sense of direction. I wonder what they mean...
    Brandon: *facepalms*
    • And later, while our heroes enjoy a bumpier ride than expected:
    Bloom: Stella, could you try not to swerve so much?
    Tecna: And avoid the potholes if you can?
    Stella: It's not my fault! Something's wrong with the camper, it won't go straight.
    Flora: You almost got into an accident six times!! Let Aisha drive!
    Stella: *drives over a MASSIVE pothole*
    Everyone: LET AISHA DRIVE!!!
    • Aisha then takes the wheel in the next shot, to Stella's chagrin.
  • In the second episode, when the Trix are trapped in Lightrock monastery with the sickeningly happy announcers. Another instance is when Stormy has a spell put on her that makes her really nice.
  • From the sixth episode of the second season : Princess Amentia knocking over her bridesmaids like bowling pins while she and Sponsus are running towards each other.
  • Another season 2 moment involving Amentia:
    Amentia: (To her army) Prepare to retreat!
    (The army runs off, leaving her behind.)
    Amentia: (Facepalms)
    • From season 2 episode 24:
    (Brandon and Sky have to duel Amentia in order to get her to help them with their mission)
    Aisha: I feel bad, I should be fighting alongside the guys, don't you think?
    Sponsus: Oh come now, a brave and beautiful fairy like you doesn't need to prove anything to us. Would you like some hot tea?
    (After a few attacks)
    Aisha: Wow, this is the best tea I've ever had.
    (A few moments later, Brandon is knocked back by one of Amentia's attacks)
    Aisha: (While casually drinking tea) Oh my, that does look painful.
  • This part from season 3 episode 20:
    Digit: Now I'm going to teach those three to have a little respect for little creatures like us!
    Tune: Little you say? But you are much bigger than usual! You are huge! Massive! Enormous! Gigantic! Immense! Humongous! Titanical! Colossal! Monumental! Totally disproportionate!
    Digit: All right, Tune! I get the point!
    Tune: Well, I was just trying to be precise, Digit!
  • The part in the second episode of season 4 when Sky shows up to surprise Bloom. One of the funniest moments of the show, with the Specialists silly salute, and Sky's silly walk when he walks out the ship. Who knew those guys had such a great sense of humour?
  • Some from the second movie.
    • The speech from Faragonda and Griffin for the start of the new school year, with Faragonda explaining the new students shouldn't abuse their powers (like wasting magic to cook a couple eggs) and Griffin taking the cues for giving suggestions on how to abuse them in another way (like brainwashing someone into cooking you a couple eggs).
      • Faragonda's comment when the food at the feast starts transforming people into frogs? "Not again..." Something like that happened every single year, causing a mass fight.
      • As the culprits this time were not Cloudtower students or alumni but the Trix (who, having been expelled, are not alumni) and the start of this year battle was their fight with the Winx, Griffin claimed that it was Faragonda's alumnni's fault. Cue Faragonda pointing out that the witches had unleashed a tropical storm the previous year and filled the cake with bugs and snakes the year before that.
      • By the way... The Trix weren't the culprit, Cloud Tower's alumni were! It was just an harmless prank (this time), only the Trix were passing by to find the location of the Tree of Life, the Winx saw them and were quick to confront and blame them, the Trix attacked, and it quickly degenerated from there. At least Mirta got some fun...
      • Almost forgot... The party is preceded by a TV broadcast describing the schools and then the Winx, including their sentimental situation... And we get a sequence of a puzzled Bloom having two crowns and two sceptres dropped on her (at least until Sky shows up and picks his crown and sceptre) and Riven's incredibly annoyed face in the couples' portrayals.
    • Oritel's list of guests for Bloom and Sky's wedding. It appeared to start with Bloom's Muggle Foster Parents and the Winx, then it's revealed he had already wrote names on all the backside of the parchment, and he was still writing names. He then switches for a much longer parchment... And when he was finished he hadn't even noticed it was at least fifty meters long. At least he (barely) managed to write all the names on a single side...
    • Stella versus two Domino's Royal Guards. The guards had orders to prevent entrance from anyone not on the guest list. Stella first tried to reason with them, then cried she was Bloom's best friend and had to enter, and then beat the crap out of them. After which she and the other Winx passed acting like it was normal. Which, knowing Stella, probably is.
      • Later the same two guards bar Sky's way when he tries and leave the palace because Bloom wanted to talk with him. Sky warns them to get out of his way, and when they refused Sky's horse promptly knocked them out.
    • The parade of Bloom's aspiring fiancees, with Oritel's comment of them being "the best that the Magical Dimension has to offer. At least with such a short notice..." foreshadowing the tone.
      • To scare them away, the Winx gave Bloom an ultra-nerdy make up, complete with giant glasses and braces. The first prince is a nerd with giant glasses and braces, who tries and share the apparent common interests.
      • This prince had been preceded by a very gorgeous valet. Before it was discovered who the actual prince was, Stella and Tecna got in a fight over who would get him...
      • Second prince, a fat Elvis Impersonator who eats like a pig and cops a feel of her butt. He leaves chased by Bloom's fire dragon.
      • Third prince, Sky's ugly and incompetent clone. His supposed ability with the sword results in cutting his own hair and pants.
      • After another string of idiots, we get one who, in spite of his bad taste in clothing, is actually accepted by Bloom. It's soon discovered he's Sky in disguise (with clothes stolen from an actual fiancee wannabee he knocked out as he was commenting on Stella beating up the Royal Guards), and is thrown out before he can explain why he dumped Bloom.
    • This exchange at Bloom's Earth home.
    Bloom: Dad! What are you doing here?!
    Mike and Oritel (synchronized): Well... We-we were
    Bloom: Not you, you!
    • The Winx have arrived on Heraklyon, and are greeted by their fiancees.
    Sky: Bloom. Someone missed you t-
    Bloom ignores Sky and hugs his horse
    Sky (rolling his eyes): Actually, it was someone else who missed you...
    • The training path. Aisha completes it with ease, the other girls... not so much. The scene ends with Stella having completed it... And screaming for help because she can't get down and doesn't even know how she did!
  • Musa's deadpan "Oh my goodness" in episode 9 of season 5, "The Gem of Empathy", when Stella is turned into a 3-year-old.
    • Not to mention all the trouble Stella causes them and Brandon. She's not really being bad, just being a typical three-year-old, but she still exhausts them.
  • The 'Christmas cheer' was funny in an Adorkable kind of way.
  • Knut the ogre falling in love with Stella's monster form in S3 E3.
  • There's a small moment in S5 E17 when the Winx prepare to transform into Sirenix after staying up most of the night, and initially can't seem to find their usual starting positions while doing so. They seem to notice and try to quickly move to the right spot just before the Transformation Sequence starts up.
  • In Episode 5x23, during Stella's fashion show, Roxy cheering for the Winx. At one point, she jumps onto Sky's back to try to get their attention. Guess she finally snapped from being ignored this season.
  • Stella turning Bloom into a broom. Made funnier by what Bloom says of the idea. "No comment."
  • In S 2 E 2, Stella suggests the reason the mysterious princess who passed out in front of Alfea is just suffering from shopping exhaustion.
    Musa: I don't think anyone has ever suffered from that but you, Stella.
    Stella: *scowls and walks away*...I've never slept '''four days''' after shopping...
  • In episode 2x15 Musa is singing her rather melancholy song, many are crying—Cue girl distributing "napkins for sensitive hearts".
    • Gets funnier if you know who that girl was: Francis, Aisha's roommate and the Fairy of Laughter.
  • This commercial For the 4Kids dub of Winx Club is pretty amusing, as it pokes fun on how Obviously Evil Darkar is.
    Lord Darkar: EVIL!
    Announcer: Yeah, we got it.
    Stella: "Riiight."
    Lord Darkar: "And second, I'M EVIL!"