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Trivia: Wing Commander
The game series

  • Actor Allusion: The Silent Running Mode scene when the Tiger Claw is hiding in an asteroid crater is a clear Shout-Out to Das Boot with Jürgen Prochnow being in both films.
  • Deleted Scene: There was a traitor subplot cut from the final release due to poor audience reception at a test screening, but several scenes earlier in the final cut of the movie rely on the subplot to make sense. The Novelization of the film includes the subplot, and as a result the story flows more smoothly.
  • Vindicated by Cable: Wing Commander was a bomb at the box office, not helped by its limited release, but video rental income has made good the production costs, and given its regular airing on cable channels (particularly non-US ones) even has something of a genuine fandom. Although all are pretty Vanilla, there have been three releases of the film, two on DVD (non-anamorphic and anamorphic) and one on Blu-ray.

Cartoon (Wing Commander Academy)
  • Fake Irish: Maya McEaddens, complete with being a green-eyed redhead with a brogue. Played by Lauri Hendler, an American. A green-eyed redheaded American.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The Series Bible indicates that later seasons would have had a Kilrathi pilot joining the crew, with all the tension that would bring, and the show's plot would run right up to the beginning of Wing Commander III, incorporating plot elements from the second and third games.
    • The show was originally intended to be a prequel leading into Wing Commander III: The Heart of the Tiger, complete with younger versions of all of the game's characters. Though the concept was reworked considerably before the show was produced, you can still see many similarities in the form of numerous expies amongst the crew, as well as using Wing Commander III uniforms instead of the ones seen in the very first game (which was set shortly after the show's setting).

alternative title(s): Wing Commander Academy
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