Tear Jerker: Wing Commander

  • In Wing Commander, failing to eject before your fighter is destroyed results in a game over screen that consists of your character's military funeral. It's strangely depressing in a way that makes players very careful to bail out if their shields get too low.
    • Hell, any of the character deaths in the series are the same as this.
    • Liz (Shadow) from Wing Commander 2, for example, was just a reserve. Not expecting kilrathi attacks and was mere months from retirement.
  • Wing Commander 4 has a particularly hard-hitting losing cinematic if you continually fail your missions: Blair is brought before Admiral Tolwyn, who, in light of Blair's poor performance, revokes his commission, essentially firing him. Blair holds out his hand, offering a final handshake, which Tolwyn silently refuses. After taking his leave, Blair is last seen in a dive bar, drinking his sorrows away as the TVs in the background show the war waging.

Alternative Title(s):

Wing Commander Academy