Funny / The Wind in the Willows

The book

  • Ratty correcting Toad's grammar ("teach them" instead of "learn them"), only for Badger to object because he says "learn them" as well, and if it's good enough for him it must be good enough for Toad.
  • When they're going to fight the weasels, Toad panics that he's being left behind and runs forward, only to bump into the others, who think they're being attacked.

The Cosgrove Hall film

The Cosgrove Hall series

  • All of Toad's crazes. For example, in one episode he takes up photography. Unfortunately, none of his photographs turn out well. One of them is completely black.
    Badger: You didn't, by any chance, leave the lens cap on?
    Toad: Lens cap? Oh, so that's what it was - [realises what he's just said] No, of course not! This, my friends, is an experimental picture: Toad Hall by night.
  • Toad seeing a monster in the Wild Wood. Then when Badger comes to visit, Toad asks him if he's seen the monster and if it's eaten anyone. That's when we find out what the "monster" really is.
    Badger: I think you must be feverish, Toad. Cause destruction it may, render us homeless it may, but will a steam traction engine eat anybody?