Heartwarming / The Wind in the Willows

  • "Dolce Domum." On the way home one night, Mole catches the scent of his old home and pleads with Rat to break their journey back to the River and go to it. Rat, not hearing him properly, insists they continue their journey. It's not until Mole breaks down in sobs that he realizes what he's done. The rest of the chapter consists of the two returning to the house. On seeing the state of his long-neglected home, Mole berates himself, and Rat cheerfully chides him as he more than makes up for his earlier mistakes.
    Mole: "O Ratty! Why ever did I do it? Why did I bring you to this poor, cold little place, on a night like this, when you might have been at River Bank by this time, toasting your toes before a blazing fire, with all your own nice things about you!
    Rat: What a capital little house this is! So compact! So well planned! Everything here and everything in its place! We'll make a jolly night of it. The first thing we want is a good fire; I'll see to that I always know where to find things. So this is the parlour? Splendid! Your own idea, those little sleeping-bunks in the wall? Capital!