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Funny: Wayside
  • The school was built sideways because the contractor messed up the blueprints, instead of a one story school, he made a 30 story school with one room one each level. He said he was sorry.
  • Just the fact that there are cows all over the school.
  • Kidsswatter leaves the mic on in the pilot movie and keeps going on about Todd's past and arguing with Louis on how to turn off the mic. The best probably is when he says "Stupid mic" and a little kid with a name tag that says 'Mike' starts crying.
    • Science class means throwing objects out the window to test gravity.
      • And throwing Todd's desk out just as he's about to sit down.
    • Myron was once elected class president and his only job was to turn on the light switch. He failed, he can't even remember what a light switch is.
    • Kidsswatter gains a hatred of doors and bans the word 'door', he re names them 'goozacks'.
    Kidsswatter: Open the goozack! Shut the goozack! Lock the goozack! There's a draft coming from the goozack!
    • Kidsswatter being overly enthusiastic during the class president "Election". Even hitting Louis and hysterically taunts him for getting out before Louis tells him that he's the referee.
  • The montage of Maurecia punching Todd, some of the times take place in bizarre locations like Egypt.
  • Principal Kidswatter tries to make the teachers do a trust excersize, only for him to repeatedly fall on the floor.
  • Kidswatter wears a clown wig and declares that no one will recognize him. Except for the fact that he's making such a goofy face right next to a picture of him making the same face.
    • Kidswatter's paranoia about the students.
  • Todd trying to ask Myron about the WAT test.
    • Mrs. Jewels teaching the kids that ancient Greece was formed at the first Olympics by a wolf man and a t Rex.
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