Heartwarming / Wayside

  • Maurecia trying to confess her love to Todd while he tries to save the class in the pilot movie.
    • Todd risks his life to go back in the compacting classroom to save Maurecia and Fluffy.
    • Mrs. Jewels class welcomes Todd and gets him a new desk. Todd decides to throw it out the window as a way of showing him accepting the schools wackiness.
  • Maurecia telling Todd that she understands what happened and didn't want him to be forced to fall for her in "Pull my Pigtail".
  • Maurecia giving Todd a pat on the shoulder instead of punching him in "Class Cow".
  • After a whole episode of feeling that he wasn't a part of the class, the other students assure Todd that he is one of them in "Oh, Great Leader".
    • The students holding a big party for Principal Kidswatter, even if he thought it was all a plot against him.
  • Todd comforting Maurecia in "Honors Class".
  • Myron finally realizing what a tyrant he has been in "He is It" and realizing his friendship with Dana is what's important and gives her a hug ...except that's what Dana planned and he ended up tagging her on accident.
  • Myron and Dana rekindling their friendship in "Best Friendzzz".
  • When Todd tells Maurecia that no one ever liked his inventions before they were on TV, Maurecia tells them that she always liked his ideas and helps him get others to like them.
  • "Rat in Shining Armor", Todd shows that he truly does care about Maurecia and even slips at one point and says she's his girlfriend by accident until he corrects himself claiming that she's his friend who happens to be a girl or friendgirl. He tries to tell her that he likes her at one point too. When he finds out that Sammy is the knight she fell for, he switches costumes with him and dances with Maurecia because he didn't want her to be heartbroken.
  • Myron finally giving Maurecia credit in "My Partner Gets All the Credit".
    Myron: (about the trophy) It's in the bag. (Puts it in a purple bag) Maurecia's bag that is.
  • Fluffy coming back to Maurecia after he sees her new photo album of the two of them in "My Fluffy Hair".
  • Todd and Maurecia realizing that they were both in the wrong in "Snow Day" and Todd proclaiming Myron as the king after he saves them all.
  • Myron finally realizing what a jerk he's been and throwing the class a Christmas party and giving Bebe his present to make up for not buying her one.