Funny / 2 Stupid Dogs

  • Super Secret Squirrel + Hollywood Voodoo
    Morocco: Time to do the splits!
  • "Cookies, Ookies, Blookies":
    • "Fudgey scout cookies!"
      Girl scout: Yeah, yeah! Just open the door this time!
      Big Dog: Open the door! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWW!!
    • Little Dog is on fire. Big Dog tells him to "stop, drop, and roll", but it's not working. So Big Dog tries to put the fire out with a broom, but the fire burned it and only made it bigger. Then he used a carpet, only made the fire even bigger. Little Dog screams in agony until Big Dog sprays water on him.
    • Little Dog tries to open the door by nailing a woodsaw onto it.
  • "At the Drive-in":
    • The dancing snacks. The soda and the popcorn eat the hotdog after covering himself with mustard and chili.
    • "Well, we have Poopoo Nuggets, Diddlers, Wagger-Baggers, and Corny Pue Clusters."
  • "Stunt Dogs":
    • Trying to find the right door.
      Little Dog: Which one? Which one?
      Big Dog: Which... one?
      Little Dog: One? Are you sure?
      Big Dog: No.
      Little Dog: Okay!
    • "Now wasn't that cute? BUT IT'S—" "Food!"
  • When Hollywood teaches the kindergarten and dresses as Abraham Lincoln and ends up being stabbed.
    Little Dog: I thought Lincoln was shot.
  • "I want the toilet seat!"
  • Seven words: "I know a shortcut! Shortcut's this way!"
    • And four words that went with it: "Am I HOOOOOOOOME yet?"
    • "U... P. U P. Sounds perfect."
  • "Why are we mowing Astro-Turf?"
  • "Isn't that cute? BUT IT'S WROOOOONG!!!
  • Pipi the monkey could poop on command.
  • The majority of the ep "Love" from musical loving cats to a Disco Dan Hollywood
  • Pretty much everything about "Cartoon Canines", where Big Dog and Little Dog are shanghaied into some sort of training camp for cartoon characters:
  • In the episode 'Las Pelotas' the little dog claims he always wanted a tattoo and the Big Dog thinks it is painful but the little dog claims he is a man. However we are then shown the little dog getting a tattoo by a thug and it is pretty clear he is scared of getting one and his cries of pain are heard off-screen.