Funny / Secret Squirrel

The 2 Stupid Dogs revival segment

  • At the end of the episode "Quark", Morocco Mole asks Secret if he is ready to be returned to normal size. Secret replies that there is still some work he needs to do. We cut to the Chief's office, where it turns out that Secret is using his new small size to whisper into the Chief's ear in order to convince him to give Secret, Morocco, and Penny a raise in addition to a three-week vacation at the French Riviera.
  • After being affected by Queen Bea's love nectar in "Queen Bea", Secret randomly states his love to a passing bug and even his own tail!
  • In "Hot Rodney", one of the tricks Secret uses to stall Hot Rodney from making it to the finish line so he can save Morocco in time is a phony traffic light set to "stop". Hot Rodney looks around and determines that he can run a red light if there are no cops around. Before he makes it past the red light, however, a pig cop stops him and writes him a ticket. As the cop leaves, Hot Rodney blows a raspberry behind his back, which causes the cop to return and write him another ticket. After a brief cutaway to Secret and Morocco returning to the race, we see Hot Rodney scowling while his car is now flooded with tickets. While Secret is rescuing Morocco, Hot Rodney notices a button that changes the sign from "stop" to "go". The light changes back to "stop" at the moment he returns to his seat.
  • The episode Platypus wherein our heroes get their bodies mixed up. One funny moment is when Morocco realizes he has the chief's body and is now the big guy.
    Morocco: He look at me, for once I am bigger than all of you. I am all powerful, I AM OMNIPOTENT!
    The Chief: Shut up, Morocco.
    Morocco: Ok.
    • Another hilarious bit is when they're first attempting to catch the Platypus and the Chief, with Secret's torso, tries using the gadget's therein to catch him. Unfortunately, they all blow up in his face. Makes you wonder why Secret would have self sabotaging gadgets.
  • Morocco Mole playing with the Chief's voodoo doll in "Voodoo Goat", especially since he first treats it like a baby doll by giving it a diaper change.
  • Morocco explaining why his brother does horrible deeds.
    Morocco: Because he's evil! It all started when we were babies...
    (flashback to baby Scirocco hitting baby Morocco with a rattle)
    Baby!Morocco: Why are you hitting me!?
    Baby!Scirocco: Because I'm evil! It all started when we were embryos!
    (flashback to Morocco and Scirocco as fetuses and Fetus!Scirocco is smacking Fetus!Morocco with his tail)
    Fetus!Morocco: Why are you so evil, big brother!?
    Fetus!Scirocco: It all started when our parents met!
    Secret Squirrel: Hold on, sport. I think I get the picture.