Funny / The Secret Show

  • The Fluffy Bunny Show and its different ways that it gets replaced by The Secret Show.
    • In particular the episode where Sweet Little Granny gets replaced by her husband, and he actually goes on the run from U.Z.Z. He's seen running away along with the bunnies from Ray multiple times in the background of various scenes, and at the end of the episode he finally arrives in Changed Daily's office after everyone else went away and starts a dance party with the bunnies.
    • Another episode has Sweet Little Granny throwing acorns at Ray, and then proceeding to say his "Run... The Secret Show" Catch-Phrase.
  • All of the running gags, like Changed Daily's different names and Professor Professor's "Victor, ARE YOU STILL ALIVE!"
  • In "Alien Attack", Victor realises that he needs to save the world with a taskforce of vegetarians. Problem is that all of them except for Victor himself happen to eat fish too, and thus are actually pescetarian.
  • The ending to "Secret Double Agent", where a sobbing Kent, who was believed to have performed exceptionally well (but was really just working poorly for T.H.E.M.), receives a medal and is made the chief guard of the Secret Thing. He then proceeds to laugh evilly.
    Name-Changed-Daily: Oh, that cheered him up!