Funny / The Secret Show

  • The Fluffy Bunny Show and its different ways that it gets replaced by The Secret Show.
    • In particular the episode where Sweet Little Granny gets replaced by her husband, and he actually goes on the run from U.Z.Z.
    • Another episode has Sweet Little Granny throwing acorns at Ray, and then proceeding to say his "Run... The Secret Show" Catch-Phrase.
  • All of the running gags, like Changed Daily's different names and Professor Professor's "Victor, ARE YOU STILL ALIVE!"
  • In "Alien Attack", Victor realises that he needs to save the world with a taskforce of vegetarians. Problem is that all of them except for Victor himself happen to eat fish too, and thus are actually pescetarian.
  • The ending to "Secret Double Agent", where a sobbing Kent, who was believed to have performed exceptionally well (but was really just working poorly for T.H.E.M.), receives a medal and is made the chief guard of the Secret Thing. He then proceeds to laugh evilly.
    Name-Changed-Daily: Oh, that cheered him up!