Heartwarming / Secret Squirrel

The 2 Stupid Dogs revival segment

  • At the end of "Queen Bea", Secret Squirrel hugs Morocco Mole and Penny and tells them that he loves them.
  • In the episode "Hot Rodney", Secret Squirrel takes the time to rescue Morocco Mole while using a phony traffic light to delay Hot Rodney in the race. While Secret doesn't win, he still shows his admiration towards Morocco and Penny.
  • "Platypus"
    • After Secret, Morocco, and the Chief get scrambled, Secret frequently reaches into Morocco's coat to try and find a weapon. At one point, he finds an autographed glossy of himself, which makes him say "Aw, Morocco must be my biggest fan".
    • The Platypus spends the episode thinking he's ugly, but by the ending, he meets a female platypus who thinks he's handsome.