Radar / 2 Stupid Dogs

For a show about two stupid dogs, they certainly find themselves in some mature situations.

Examples from Super Secret Secret Squirrel go here.

  • In "Door Jam", the dogs attempt to get into the supermarket by piling shoes on the rubber mat outside. When the dogs are trying to find more shoes, they make a stop at a strip club. Although the stripper is in silhouette, she very explicitly removes her bra.
    Take it off! Take off your shoe!
  • In "Show and Tell", Kenny brings the dogs to school for show and tell. During his presentation, Kenny mentions that the dogs are male, and to prove it he picks up Little Dog by the hind legs and pretty much flashes the whole classroom. The moment was made worse by the fact that while most of the students looked horrified, the female student that Kenny likes was delighted by the sight.
    Little Dog: How embarrassing, they saw me!
  • The episode "Family Values" had a scene where the expies of Greg and Marsha got into an argument and their parents told them to kiss and make up. They started making out.
  • In "At the Drive-In", they go to a drive-in movie where every single car is shaking and bouncing suggestively note .
    Little Dog: Jeez.. This [movie] is caca! Why do people come here?! (cue camera showing cars described above)
  • The episode "Corn Flakes" begins with Little Dog saying "And he's got nerve calling me "weenie dog"! So I bit him. What would you do? I mean, he stuck it in my face!"
  • In the episode "Las Pelotas", Little Dog ricochets a tennis ball from off of Big Dog's lower abdomen. Little Dog says "Balls" prompting Big Dog to reply, in a strangled voice, "Yeah, I know".
    • Pretty much that whole episode consists of ball jokes. It doesn't help that the name of the tennis court is the "Winky Tennis Club".
  • In the episode "Love in the Park", Little Dog slips and some ice cream cones fall onto his chest a la Madonna's early 90s torpedo-style bra.
  • "Love":
    • At the beginning of the episode, the two dogs observe a pair of rodents making out. Little Dog covers Big Dog's eyes while telling him that you're not supposed to stare at that sort of thing.
    • Hollywood asks Little Dog if he likes feathers and Little Dog says incredulously "In what way?"
  • In the episode "Post Office", the two dogs are shown a collection of rare stamps by Cubby. One of the stamps, in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, is "Young Elvis" - a sperm cell with Presley's hairdo.
  • John Kricfalusi contributed to the episodes featuring Red (listed under "tidbits of poor taste" on the credits), so these tend to have more off-color humor than usual.
    • "Red": At the house of the Three Bears, the dogs drink from the toilets. When the bears return, they look and their toilets, and mama and papa say "Someone's been drinking from my toilet", but the baby bear instead says "Someone was raised in a barn!" and flushes.
    • "Red Strikes Back": The witch from Hansel and Gretel wears a skin-tight black dress and uses a whip instead of a wand to cast her spells, implying she's some kind of dominatrix.
    • "Return of Red": When the wolf, after having eaten Granny, is asked if he would like to try some dog food, he says "Let me make some room" before gagging himself and vomiting Granny back out. It's not every day you see a blatant display of bulimia in a children's cartoon.
  • During the montage in the episode "Jerk" where the two dogs think of how to get across the canyon, Little Dog is at one point watching a scantily clad woman dancing suggestively, who has her ass facing the camera.