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Funny: Transformers Rescue Bots
  • The end of "Family of Heroes" shows the Burns family's reaction to learning the truth about their Rescue Bot partners.
    Chief Burns: ...They're aliens.
    • Then we see the family photo, with everyone freaking out, except Cody and his dad.
    • Right after the scanning scene, Burns is introduced to the Rescue bots.
      Chief Burns: (Looking at the regular vehicles) It's an honor and a privilege.
      Heatwave: Over here.
  • "Flobsters on Parade", poor Blades having to stand perfectly still as the lobsters keep pummeling him in the face.
    • When Blades finally gets Cody's "Flobster" joke. He laughs, and everyone looks at him like he's an idiot.
    • Frankie bats a few of the flobsters away with a spatula. Cue a horde of flobsters surrounding her, with one taking the spatula right out of her hand.
  • From "Four Bots and a Baby" we get this gem:
    • Loved it when Heatwave stopped him the first time by covering his mouth mid-song.
      Heatwave: Not helping!
  • From "Return of the Dinobot". I ask you, is there anything more ridiculous than watching a rampaging robotic T-Rex, getting a cup of coffee?
    "Trex is good boy!"
    • Though Cody and Graham seemed to like him.
      Cody: Noble! Dad?
      Charlie Burns: You're not getting one.
      Graham: What about...
      Charlie Burns: You either.
    • While Doctor Greene is getting a ride from Dani and Blades:
    Doctor Greene: I've never been in your copter before, Dani. It's quite...stylish.
    Blades: *smug look on monitor*
    Dani: *quickly turns off the monitor* And it's really fast. Especially when there's an emergency, like now.
    Blades: *whimpers*
    Dani: (to Doctor Greene) Uh, rotors need oil.
  • Blades and Heatwave, trying to find food for Cody in "The Lost Bell".
    • Also, Blades and Chase have an encounter while looking for camping materials.
      Blades: It's coming for us! (jumps into Chase's arms, then... a puffin appears)
      Chase: We tell no one of this.
      Blades: Agreed.
  • Chase's attempts at humor in "Shake Up."
    • Chase's knock-knock joke.
    Chase: I would like to attempt some earth humor sir. Ding dong.
    Chief Burns: Uh Chase you don't use the door bell, it's a knock-knock jokes.
    Chase: Ah yes, then I am knocking.
    Chief Burns: Who's there?
    Chase: A concerned citizen.
    Chief Burns: A concerned citizen who?
    Chase: A concerned citizen who wishes to inform you that your car is in a "no parking" zone! Ha ha ha!
    Chief Burns: (wincing) Uh okay, were gonna work on those punch lines Chase.
  • In "Walk on the Wild Side", Blades got startled by a giraffe.
  • When Cody announces they're going to watch a history movie, instead of the war movie Heatwave wants to see: "... war's a part of history..." and "Cody, you're hurting me on the inside".
    Cody: The natives have spears and blowguns!
    Heatwave: Now you're talking!
  • Near the end of "The Reign of Morocco", Morocco's deadpan reaction as one of his own grenades is about to blow in his face.
    Dr. Morocco: Well, that's unfortunate. (runs away as fast as he can)
  • Bumblebee's awkward smile at the end of "Bumblebee to the Rescue".
  • While Chase was trapped inside the alien slime monster in "You've Been Squilshed", he had this to say.
    "It is growing rather crowded, the squirrels are becoming restless..."
  • At one point during "The Haunting of Griffin Rock", Cody brings his dad evidence that the Lady of Griffin Rock was a real person. Chief Burns is still more than skeptical.
    Cody: Dad! The Lady of Griffin Rock was a real person!
    • Later, when the team is investigating a ghost siting at the bank. A ghost appears and says "follow me men!". While everyone else was shocked, Dani seems more concerned about the possibility of being offended.
  • During a crisis in "Countdown" Blades once again whimpers at the prospect of having to perform difficult flying maneuvers while he, Dani and Cody are giving Frankie a lift.
    Frankie: What was that?
    Cody: Engine noise.
    Dani: Funky rotor.
    • The best part is how they both said it at the same time!
  • When Frankie learns that the rescue bots are sentient in "It's a Bot Time".
    Frankie: You can talk!
  • In "Road Trip" after the transporter takes Cody and the bots (minus Blades) atop Mount Griffin. Chase of all people goes into a panic.
    Chase: Mayday! S.O.S.! This is not a test! Mommy! (Heatwave looks at him confused) Those are all the human distress signals I know.
    • Kade during Heatwave's "drivers test".
    • This exchange when Heatwave recognizes the locations the teleporter has been sending them to.
    Blades: That's amazing! You actually pay attention to Kade.
    Heatwave: Don't you dare tell him.
  • In "Tip of the Iceberg" Cody spots a control panel covered in ice. Blades tries to warn Cody not to touch it, but he presses it anyway and a hatch opens under Blades' feet. Then Blades turns downright strict and serious for a moment.
  • "A Virtual Disaster" .........where do we begin? It's basically one meme after another.
    CAT: I'm afraid I can't do that Cody.
    Blades: I used to like video games, then I took an arrow to the knee.
    CAT: (glitches out) All your base are belong to us.
    CAT: A winner is you!
  • Chase going through narration like a Film Noir detective in "Bots and Robbers".
    • Highlights include:
      Chase: The air was heavy. Heavy with the fog of lawlessness. That's when she walked in... and asked me the one question I wasn't prepared to answer.
      Dani: Why is it so dark in here? Chase, is there a reason you're in here with the lights off?

      Chase: And like a swimming pool in winter, the case was closed.
      Boulder: Who are you talking to?
    • The Rescue Bots are forced to cross the town, huddled together, walking in sync going "left, right, left, right" ad infinitum.
      Heatwave: UGH. Well... that was humiliating.
      • And shortly after, when trying to figure out how to disable a device and save the day:
      Chase: Evan and Myles put that device in the sky. Perhaps if we imagined we were villains like them, we could think of a solution!
      Heatwave: That's the dumbest thing I've—
      Boulder: Hello, I'm Myles! I love to steal!
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