Recap / Transformers Rescue Bots

This is the Recap page for the animated series Transformers Rescue Bots. The show takes places in the fictional Griffin Rock island, on the East Coast of the USA, where four Autobots have been stationed, disguised as rescue vehicles, to learn about humans. Only their pilots, the Burns, a family of rescue operatives, know their secret. The island is a testing ground for new technology however so the robots can use their transformations in the open- just not let out that they're sentient or from outer space.


Season 1

  • 1) A Family of Heroes- The Rescue Bots are discovered by the burns and become their partners.
  • 2) Under Pressure- Kade and Heatwave must put their differences aside to save the town from an (artificial) volcano.
  • 3) Hotshots- Dani and Blades get a little too full of themselves when the latter is equipped with new rescue gear.
  • 4) Flobsters on Parade- A seafood-themed parade turns into a disaster when one of Dr. Greene's inventions gives lobsters the power to fly.
  • 5) The Alien Invasion of Griffin Rock- An overzealous TV reporter creates havoc on the island when he becomes convinced they are being invaded by aliens.
  • 6) Cody on Patrol- Cody gets his own vehicle, a gocart. But it isn't fast enough for real rescues, so he tries to improve it with nanites "borrowed" from Dr. Green's lab. Chaos ensues.
  • 7) Four Bots and a Baby- Cody must prove he's responsible by taking care of Doc Greene's robot baby, and he cons the Rescue Bots into helping.
  • 8) Walk on the Wild Side- Boulder wants a team pet; unfortunately he mistakes the local zoo for an animal shelter, and ends ups freeing a lion and several lemurs.
  • 9) Christmas in July- To offset a heatwave, a weather-control machine is used; but when it breaks, a blizzard hits the town!
  • 10) Deep Trouble- a mysterious robot shark attacks the island.
    • Note: This episode is a clear homage to Jaws.
  • 11) Return of the Dinobot- the museum robot dinosaur (from the first episode) returns, now as Dr. Greene's servant. But someone sabotages it again.
  • 12) The Other Doctor- after firing Dr. Greene last episode, the Mayor hires a Dr. Morocco in his place.
  • 13) The Reign of Morocco- Dr. Morocco and his Morbot have replace Green, the Burns and the Rescue bots. But it turns out to be part of a sinister plan.
  • 14) Small Blessings- Two thieves use a shrink ray to reduce the bots to the size of insects.
  • 15) The Griffin Rock Triangle- investigating the disappearances of ships near the island, Cody makes an amazing discovery.
  • 16) Rules and Regulations- Chief Burns goes camping with Cody and orders the Bots not to follow. This is because the place they go to has an EMP generator that can paralyze them. When everyone but Chase disobey, they are frozen in place, unable to help save their human friends from a bear. Will Chase disobey the rules to save them?
  • 17) The Lost Bell- Cody and the Bots are shipwrecked on an island, where they find an artifact from pirate times.
  • 18) Bumbleebee To The Rescue- A meteor falls on the island, bringing a virus that paralyzes Transformers, leaving it to Blades and Bumblebee to save the day.
  • 19) ''You have been Squilched!" The Squilch, an alien substance from Mars, becomes an all-devouring blob.
  • 20) Countdown- The entire population of the island is accidentally teleported to an underground shelter that's about to collapse.
  • 21) The Haunting of Griffin Rock- ghost-like visions begin appearing all over town- along with mysterious robberies...
  • 22) Little White Lies- The Burns pretend not to remember their Father's birthday (so they can throw him a surprise party later) but this leads to him and Chase getting accidentally trapped in a mine.
  • 23) Shake Up- seismic waves shake Griffin Rock, but they are artificial and caused by a reverberating woofer hidden underground. When trapped underground with Frankie, Heatwave breaks from his "robot" character to save her, during which she finally learns of the Rescue Bots' secret. Meanwhile, Frankie creates a music video that includes footage of the Rescue Bots.
  • 24) Rescue Boy- Doc Greene invents a repulsor badge that allows Cody to participate in missions as asuperhero.
  • 25) It's a Bot Time- Doc Greene calls the entire Burns family to demonstrate testing of an abandoned time machine. He sends his helper bot Dither into the time warp, which takes the Rescue Bots, Cody, and Frankie along with them to the year 1939. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee follow the group into the past to return everyone to the present, but the timeline has been altered, do to leaving Dither back in the past.
  • 26) Bot to the Future- The present-day town of Griffin Rock, renamed "Moropolis", is ruled by Doctor Morocco and his MorBots. The Autobots partake in smashing the Morocco's robots. The group returns to the past, where Heatwave reclaims Dither, and travel back to the present day, with their original timeline restored.

Season 2

  • 1) Road Trip - A transporter takes Cody for a crazy ride and it's up to Kade to save him.
  • 2) Sky Forest - The friendship between Cody and Frankie is threatened when they both enter a young inventors contest.
  • 3) One for the Ages - Cody is turned into a grown-up during an experiment, which compromises his spot on the rescue team.
  • 4) Tip of the Iceberg - A mysterious iceberg off the coast of Griffin Rock brings both danger and the interest of an old nemesis.
  • 5) A Virtual Disaster - When Blades and Cody get trapped in a fully-imersive VR game, Heatwave realizes Blades' potential as a true hero.
  • 6) Spellbound - The Bots and Burnses are in mind-controlled stupors; Cody scrambles to snap them out of it before he's sucked in.
  • 7) Prescott's Bots - The Team is forced to participate in a reality show that captures extreme danger on camera.
  • 8) Blame the Gremlins - Kade's nightmares come to life and threaten Griffin Rock and Cody and the Rescue Bots must help.
  • 9) Feed the Beast - While trying to hunt it down, Cody and the Bots discover the legendary Maine Ridge Monster is closer than they thought.
  • 10) What Lies Below - Cody's uncle comes to visit; the Rescue Team goes on a mission below the Earth's surface.
  • 11) What Rises Above - The Rescue Bots and Burnses must work together when they are stuck underground in a primeval world.
  • 12) Space Bots - Doc and Graham are stranded in orbit; Rescue Bots set out to save them.
  • 13) The Island of Misfit Tech - Cody and the Bots are led on an adventure to an island filled with dangerous technology.
  • 14) The Vigilant Town - The new computer designed to keep Griffin Rock safe becomes dangerous.
  • 15) Buddy System - Finding themselves shackled to unusual partners during a nature hike, the Rescue Team battles a bevy of escaped snakes overrunning Griffin Rock.
  • 16) In Search of the Griffin's Nest - When metal objects begin mysteriously being pulled into the air, attention turns to Wayward Island as the location of Griffin nests.
  • 17) Bots and Robbers - Myles and Evan steal mechanite from the museum where they use it to power their Tech Wrecker to disable all of Griffin Rock's technology. While the Burns family tries to save Griffin Rock at the expense of modern technology, Chase learns about the detective movies and uses his imagination to be like a film detective where he goes undercover upon Myles and Evan carjacking him.
  • 18) Rescue Dog - Priscilla Pynch sends a spy dog to infiltrate the headquarters of Cody and the Rescue Bots.
  • 19) Changes - Optimus Prime and Heatwave team up to stop Dr. Morocco from using a deadly secret that could destroy Griffin Rock.
  • 20) Movers and Shakers - Cody and the Rescue Bots go up against dangerous underground technology.
  • 21) Odd Bot Out - Blades feels very upset about being left behind after Dani recruits Bumblebee for a top secret mission.

Season 3

  1. Land Before Prime - A training session is interrupted by a pterodactyl from the prehistoric caverns.
  2. Big Game - Colonel Quarry targets Optimus as big game on his reality show, Quarry Safari Land.
  3. Too Many Kades - Kade is accidentally duplicated by one of Doc Greene's inventions.
  4. Phantom of the Sea - Dani is an expert on a mysterious boat that becomes visible off Griffin Rock every 10 years, then vanishes.
  5. Unfinished Business - Chase and Boulder return to space to face an Energon Eater.
  6. No Place Like Dome - Vigil has returned from the island of Misfit Tech and seeks to make Griffin Rock safe.
  7. Bugs in the System - Dr. Morocco gets an ant farm to keep him busy and out of trouble while in jail. It doesn't work.
  8. Switcheroo - A space picnic ends up a Bots-and-Humans body swap.
  9. The Riders of Midwinter - The not Christmas episode. Christmas is a separate holiday on Griffin Rock. This is a Midwinter episode.
  10. Bot-Tastic Voyage - Kade accidentally eats Doc Greene's bacteria eating nanites. The Bots must retrieve them to save him.
  11. Quarry vs. Quarry - Col. Quarry, angry over the events in "Big Game", wants Doc Greene to make him dinobots.
  12. Chief Woodrow - Woodrow returns to watch over the family while Charlie is away, and becomes acting police chief.
  13. Did You See What I Thaw? - A caveman in ice awakens and tries to adjust to life in Griffin Rock.
  14. The Attack of Humungado - Kade's favorite movie produces Kaijuesque monsters that the Bots must fight to protect Griffin Rock.
  15. Thieves Like Us - Souvenir mini bots have a tendency to steal. The Bots have to deal with their larcenous replicants.
  16. Time After Time - Cody gets stuck in a time loop on Groundhog Day.